Jolie has left the building.

Yesterday we made the trip to Glebe farm, home of Love Underdogs, for Jolie to meet prospective adopters. The journey there was very eventful, more on that later. I was worried that Jolie would be scatty and nervous of the people there as she hasn’t been to the farm for 2 months, I didn’t need to worry, everyone was shocked by how friendly and playful she was. :-) Jolie ran up to all of the staff in turn for a scruffle and even followed a child around! The adopters arrived and went into the paddock with us, this proved to be a mistake as Hamish barked at the people which made Jolie nervous. After we left the paddock so just the adopters and Love Underdogs staff Zara and Shannon were in there Jolie settled down. It took half an hour for Jolie to sit comfortably with her new people but after she was cat checked she happily got in the back of the car with her new Mum/Mom.

Jolie has gone Jolie last day

I am pretty sure that a gust of wind blew some dust in my eyes as they drove away as my eyes got all teary! :-D  We haven’t heard from the adopter yet to say if she is settling but usually no news is good news. We didn’t bring a new foster dog home yet as we like to wait a couple of weeks in case the adoption doesn’t work out, then we can take her back with us.

Indy would like us to leave him at Glebe farm, there are several large dog paddocks that are full of toys, Indy loves toys. Indy was overwhelmed by the ball pit though, there were so many balls he didn’t know what to do with himself. :-D

Indy with balls


On the way to Love Underdogs there was an incident on the road which was the closest I have ever come to seeing someone die! We were on a winding road behind 2 cars and an HGV/semi truck, the truck had pulled out in front of the cars dangerously and then went slowly leading to a bit of frustration with one of the car drivers. After a mile or so the front car pulled out to pass the truck, I could clearly see another HGV/semi coming the other way! I waited for car parts to come flying my way but thanks to the immense skill of the truck driver the car driver ended up on the verge on the other side of the road. The truck managed to get down from about 50 MPH and move over enough to allow the car to escape, all in about 2 truck lengths (about 80 feet) I stopped and spent a bit of time with the driver, she was very young (about 19) and she was a wreck, she was crying and shaking so badly she was almost convulsing. :-(  I left her after 10 minutes or so, I did tell her to wait as long as she needed to compose herself, after I left I was annoyed at myself for being a typical dumb man by not asking if she wanted me to call someone for her!!

The incident is a minute and 10 seconds in on the video which is best viewed full screen.

Sorry to all the nations that drive on the wrong side of the road, you may have to view it in a mirror so that you don’t get freaked out. :-D



I met the most gorgeous looking girl at Love Underdogs yesterday, Trinity has been there for a while but I had never met her before. Trinity is four years old and is way more stunning than she looks in her pictures.


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Mobility scooter and dogs.

I finally got around to introducing Jolie to my mobility scooter, I had been using it with Hamish for a few day with no problems. We started off with Julia walking behind me with Jolie but as soon as she saw Hamish come to me for treats she wanted a piece of that action. :-)

DSC_0090 DSC_0089

They are both so relaxed with my scooter they don’t pay attention to where it is, I have to instead otherwise my tyres will be getting fur coated. :-D Considering Hamish and Jolie both had a tough start in life and were very nervous they adapt very well.

My MS is still not giving me a break, several of my symptoms are as bad if not worse than they have ever been. My balance almost finished me off yesterday, I was upstairs and was just unfolding my stairlift seat when I lost balance and went head first over it and down the stairs! My body must be well practiced at falling because apart from an aching hip I was totally unscathed. :-) I might just start applying for jobs in the circus or as a stunt man. :-D



I will post Bumble again as he is still waiting for a home of his own. :-(

Bumble and many other lovely dogs are at Love Underdogs.



Posted tonight on Love Underdogs Facebook page is Basil a lovely big bear of a dog. Basil is 7 years old and full of fun and love, despite this he hasn’t had anyone show any interest yet?!


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MS is winning!

It has been a rough old couple of months since my MS started playing up but it is as nothing compared with this week! I got my mobility scooter out to go for a day of fishing but had to return home after an hour because my balance just went, I have long had a balance problem but it has only been short bursts, this week it went and hasn’t come back. Walking may be a thing of the past for a while as I just can’t stay upright, I can shuffle on 2 crutches but if I don’t place them just so I end up falling, I’m afraid Mr wheelchair is coming back! The weirdest thing about my MS is that whenever I am feeling at my worst I get an insatiable urge to get a job and be busy? I am never content with not working but it is strange how being ill makes me want a job even more?

The good thing about a flare up is I get to take loads of extra drugs :-D most of the day I am off with the fairies in floaty world. :-D That is just a joke, of course, but it is better than being miserable and self pitying. I have discussed with Julia how we are going to do the dog walking and it is decided that I will introduce Hamish to my scooter so that I can take him to the fields while Julia will bring Indy and Jolie, I can’t use my wheelchair for dog walking because we live at the top of a hill and I would struggle back home. I suppose I should be thankful that at least my Epilepsy is behaving itself. :-)

Yesterday I managed to avoid the job of bathing the pooches because of feeling bad, The baths couldn’t be avoided though because Jolie discovered that she enjoys rolling in fox poo!!


Mrs Stinky sulking in the bath.

DSCF0222 (2)

Clean and smug as Hamish is taken upstairs. :-)

I didn’t take pictures of Hamish because he sprays water everywhere, my new camera is water resistant but I didn’t want soap all over the lens. Indy just sits with his back to me sulking so that would have been a waste of time too.


Mr Clean. Hamish is always beautiful.

DSCF0166 (2)

Indy or as we call him “The real dog”



There are many Love Underdogs pooches looking for a forever home but I will stick with Bobbi this week. Bobbi is the most gorgeous and lovable dog, nobody deserves a home more.


Anyone who can should attend the Love Underdogs fun day and dog show at the end of June, there will be lots of beautiful pooches there.

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Indy, the forgotten one.

It’s not that I ever forget about Indy it’s just he hates having his picture taken. Indy is a remarkable dog, he responds instantly to the softest of spoken requests, (we don’t do commands) most of the time he knows what we want before we say anything. A few years ago Indy taught himself the signs of the early stages of my seizures so he almost always gives me warning!


I thought I would catch him out by hiding upstairs and pointing the camera out the window, nope, he spotted me. :-)


He can be quite stern when I con him into looking at the camera by holding a twig.


It only works once then he brings his own twig, you will need good eyes to see it. :-D


He will pose occasionally, he had been watching me for ages while I changed my mobility scooter batteries.


He will always pose if Hamish is around but he has to have his twig. :-D

We are very lucky to have had Indy for the past 8 years and there will never be another like him. We learned after Luca died not to try to replace a unique dog but to get the one that needs us and let them show their own uniqueness.

I don’t want Hamish and Jolie to be forgotten so here they are.


Hamish enjoying the evening sunshine.


Jolie also enjoys a bit of sunshine.

Updates are infrequent and a tad boring at the moment because I am still having a hard time with MS symptoms! Life is almost entirely at home as I can’t get around very well which is why I have replaced my scooter batteries to enable me to get out more. It is going to be very interesting when I take Hamish and Jolie out with my scooter because neither one of them have seen it before, maybe the first post after that day may be interesting?



4 Year old Bobbi is still waiting for a home of his own, he is a wonderful boy who would enrich any home. If you could offer Bobbi a home click his picture for his details or go to Love Underdogs site for information on adopting.


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Plodding on.

Not much going on at the moment. My MS is still being unpleasant but I am still coping with it, Indy and Hamish are just the same and Jolie is still making slow and steady progress. We have had several visitors recently which in the past would have meant Jolie going in the next room and peeping around the door a lot, now she lays by my chair barely 3 feet away from the “alien people” she is brave. She has just been furminated which resulted in a large bag full of undercoat! She just stood still and let it happen. :-)


Looking sleek after her treatment.


Two pics taken by my son when he visited.

Jolie 1 by Michael

Jolie by Michael

Just for a bit of balance here are two pictures I took of Hamish when my new camera arrived today. :-)

DSCF0001 DSCF0002



Cognac is a 6 year old boy who arrived at Love Underdogs with Asta who has since been rehomed, can you make it Cognac’s time for a happy life?


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I hate MS but love my pooches.

As much as I dislike moaning about MS today I have to! My symptoms have been getting worse for a little while now and I am almost as bad as I was 10 years ago. My recent MS clinic appointment confirmed that I now have secondary progressive MS which is normal after 20 years of relapsing remitting MS. I was told that I have started to cause damage to my hips and spine by only using one crutch and that I should now use two, after a few days of using two crutches it has become apparent that my left hand and arm are weaker than I realised and it has been a struggle getting around! I am also not sleeping well because of some spasms and nerve pain in my foot. DAMN, for someone who doesn’t like moaning I am doing a good job. :-D My greatest fear is that the problems using crutches could mean I will have to use my wheelchair again which always drags me down, I wonder what Hamish and Jolie will make of me being on wheels? :-)

On a brighter note, Hamish is still gorgeous.

Handsome Hamish

As is Indy.

Smiling Indy

And Jolie is continuing to make progress. She is still wary of new people but not scatty, she prefers to sit a couple of feet away from the humans at the park if we stop but happily walks among them and prods their bottoms when we are walking? At home Jolie is just part of the family and every bit as cheeky as Hamish if not a little more. :-) Did I mention that she is a little flirt? Whichever of the boys is nearest is her boyfriend at that time.

Jolie loves Indy

Indy Jolie in bed

or does she love Hamish?

Hamish and Jolie hugging

Jolie did something yesterday that no dog has done since Luca, our late Golden Retriever 5 or 6 years ago, she got Indy to play mouth wrestling! :-o She actually gets away with a lot of stuff with Indy that no other dog has ever done, she can walk right into his face when he is laying in his corner without him even smiling at her, in fact she has even walked on him with no consequences! He must really like her.



Destiny is a 2 year old small dog looking for a home, she is a little shy. Details of Destiny can be found here, all other Love Underdogs can be found here.


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Jolie Underdog.

It has been a little over 3 weeks since Jolie came to stay, she has settled in wonderfully. Jolie is going to be the perfect pet for some lucky family, her only issue which is very minor is that she is shy around new people but she soon gets over that as can be seen in this picture from a morning park walk.

Jolie with park crew


As long as she has her brothers with her she is very brave.

Gang at Croyland

Around the house Jolie acts as though she has always lived in a home when in reality she had never been in one until she came to us. Jolie loves to lay by the fireplace which is close to my chair so that she is in easy reach of any scruffles that are on offer. :-)

fu man chu


She even does her praying by the fire. :-D

Jolie praying


She will even stay by my chair while Julia is using the vacuum! it is obvious from her face that she would rather it wasn’t there but she isn’t moving for some noisy machine.

Jolie vacuum


Her favourite place to be when in the house is wherever Hamish is, she really loves Hamish. (who wouldn’t)?

Hamish and Jolie sleepy heads


bed sharers

We had a lovely morning at a country park this week and Jolie loved the freedom of the long line, exploring is a good thing and Indy and Hamish showed her how to get the most out of the new surroundings.

Gang at Irchester

Indy and Jolie share branch

Log Jolie

Jolie tippy head

Hamish showed Jolie how to snuffle in the woods and get muddy and Indy taught her about twigs and sticks, she was a little optimistic with some of her stick choices! :-D

So, all in all Jolie is making great progress. She loves her people, she loves all dogs, she isn’t a big woos like Hamish and she loves fuss so I would say she is perfect. I almost forgot… she is beautiful too. :-)

How many more updates I do very much depends on the sense of the British people, if her potential is spotted soon then I guess I wont be doing very many.



Love Underdogs have one of the most wonderful dogs now available for adoption, Bobbi has come through some major trauma and surgery and has come out the other end as a magnificent dog. His story can be read here and details on how to adopt him or any other Love Underdogs dog can be found here.



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10 days of Jolie.

Jolie has been with us for 10 days now, she has settled well and is starting to thrive. When Jolie first arrived she was a little shy but very loving, now she is even more loving as well as more confident and playful. Jolie really enjoys going for walks and she likes nowhere more than the local park where she meets up with her doggie friends.



On odd occasions Jolie has been brave enough to nose poke the legs of her friend’s pet humans but usually she sits about a foot away and just watches them. She is still a bit shy of new people but she doesn’t panic she just goes to the end of her lead and sits behind me.

At home Jolie is wonderful. We have a set routine with the dogs and Jolie has adapted to it very well, she knows when it is time to eat, go out to the garden, go for walks and she even has her regular tumble time with Hamish in the evening.

Beds are the most curious things with Hamish and Jolie…

Sometimes she is in her own bed.



Sometimes she is in Hamish’s and he is in hers.


And sometimes they just share. :-D

bed sharing


On very odd occasions Indy manages to get a bed. :-) ( He usually sleeps on the sofa because he is special)


But always Jolie is adorable and nothing is more adorable than her little fu man chu mustache. :-)



Photographs don’t do her justice, she is the most gorgeous looking girl who’s fur is a mixture of black, grey, silver, gold and cream and of course no photo could convey her beautiful, gentle and loving nature.

There has been some interest in Jolie via Love Underdogs Facebook page so she may not be with us for long but she is not going to be rushed, she has never been in a home before and has a safe place for now in which to learn about the world. One person rather rudely suggested that we were bad for not keeping her! While remaining polite I pointed out to her that we would have 25 dogs now if we kept all of our fosters!! Why don’t some people understand the role of a fosterer? It is one step on from the rescue kennel on the way to a home, why didn’t she say the kennels were rubbish for not keeping all the dogs that they rescue? One day I will understand people as much as I do dogs, NOT. :-D



A wonderful chap at Love Underdogs who is looking for a home is 7 year old Basil.


Be warned if Basil isn’t adopted by the time Jolie is he will probably be coming home with me :-D he is delicious.

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New foster pooch.

Yesterday saw the long awaited trip to Glebe farm to collect our new foster baby, the trip had been delayed because my health has been poor lately. I messaged Zara a few days ago to tell her I was ready and to give her time to come up with the pooch she thought most needed fostering. Jolie was chosen.  Jolie is gorgeous, young and since her surgery to repair her back legs very healthy, her only issue is that she is a little shy with people and that we can work on.

We arrived at Glebe farm and were introduced to Jolie in the paddock, she was hesitant at first, choosing to mooch around the edges but she soon got close to Indy and Hamish, she was still a little nervous of us. After a while, Zara put her in our car and attached her seat belt to her harness, Jolie decided she didn’t want to sit at the very back so in a scene reminiscent of a Tasmanian devil doing karate she spun, twisted and jumped until she was wedged between Hamish and Indy on their seat! Jolie relaxed as soon as we started moving and during the next hour as we drove home alternated between sleeping, looking out of the window and nibbling my ear as I drove. :-D By the time we arrived it appeared as though we were friends, Julia got out of the car to open the front door and Jolie saw her chance to leap into the front with me! yep, we are friends. After a quick tour downstairs in the house we removed Jolie’s lead, she acted like she belonged, despite having never been in a home before.



Hamish is her main love but she appears to like us humans too, Indy is just “he who must be obeyed” and she does but she has given him the odd muzzle lick. :-)

Last night our son visited and Jolie accepted him within a couple of minutes, she was soon settled in front of his chair with her boyfriend watching television.


Jolie had a good long walk in the park this morning which went well, she met a couple of people and their dogs, she was shy at first but not fearful so should do well. As I came upstairs this evening Jolie was curled up by “her” television but instead of watching it she was guarding it, she has never seen one before so I think she must believe that the people on it are part of her pack? :-D



Anyone wanting to know more about Jolie but who can’t wait for more posting can see her Love Underdogs profile here.



Love Underdogs are very keen for Maximus to find a forever home, it has been over 1000 days since he was first rescued in Romania! He spent a lot of time in the shelter in Brasov  before coming to England where he has been for 2 years! Despite having only 3 legs Maximus is the perfect family pooch. Read about him here.




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A little under the weather.

I haven’t been on line much for 3 weeks or so, I have been suffering some MS symptoms and some Epilepsy auras! I have had to increase one of my medications and this makes me extremely tired. It is odd that both things have decided to come on at the same time? It could be that the lesions I have in my brain are causing the pre seizure activity or it could just be coincidence. Auras are an odd phenomenon, I get a raging Déjà vu and an odd sensation  of being inflated and floaty, a bit like the Michelin man! So far no seizures though which is a very good thing. The MS symptoms are mostly cognitive but I have had trouble with my balance and fatigue as well. I’m still alive though, which is always a good thing. :-)

I am really in the mood for starting to look for a job again and have been for a couple of months now, it always appears as though I get relapses when I want a job? Is it getting my head around the process of seeking a job that causes stress leading to MS flare ups or is it just a cruel coincidence? either way I will get a job because I am bored of being bored. The situation came into focus when I saw how excited my son was to get his “perfect job”, something he has worked towards for several years. I was thrilled for him but at the same time I wanted some of that excitement for myself, it gives me a target to aim for. :-)

As soon as my health is settled a bit we will go to Glebe farm and get another foster dog, I can’t wait to see who Love underdogs have for us.



I make no apologies for promoting Asta again, she deserves a home and has waited for far too long already. Check out Love Underdogs website for more information.



Also looking for a home is the gorgeous 7 year old Maximus.


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