Not the best week but I’ve had worse.

I’m afraid the dreaded “eppy” has returned! On Monday I spent a few hours doing some gentle gardening (sitting on the ground potting some seedlings) after I got up I remember saying something to Julia and then the lights went out. Julia said it was the best seizure that she has seen, I was standing with a sharp knife in my hand in between the corner of a heavy wooden planter and a stack of terracotta pots. I went down like an expertly felled tree, right between the hazards and landed with the knife clutched safely away from my body.:-) The seizure didn’t last long enough to cause any concern but it took quite a while before I knew what was going on and several days before the foggy head subsided. The difference I have noticed since this seizure is that I have a constant feeling of nervousness? and more than a little anxiety and worry. I think this is probably because I had become accustomed to not having seizures for a couple of years and I became convinced it was under control. I have 2 theories regarding the seizure; 1 is that a long period of MS fatigue brought it on (fatigue can trigger seizures in people with Epilepsy) and 2 is that the pre seizure things I have had lately contributed to the MS fatigue? as usual the healthcare professionals reply was that it could be a bit of both or either???😀 Our NHS is great but trying to get a decisive opinion out of a doctor who hasn’t spent months testing is like getting blood out of a stone.😀

In other news…

I spent last weekend printing pictures that I have taken over the years as we have a printer ink contract and I wasn’t making the best use of it. I came across a photo that I took in Plockton, a village  in the western highlands of Scotland. I loved the image as I looked at it which is why I took the photo but I never appreciated how beautiful it was until I printed it, it wont look as good on here as the kelp in the foreground doesn’t show up as vibrant yellow but here it is.


Boat in the bay at Plockton


I am going to continue to take it easy for a while as I don’t want to risk having a prolonged period of seizures, rest is a good thing. I feel terribly guilty seeing Julia flitting around doing all of the chores on her own while I sit doing nothing, I will make it up to her some how.



Denali is a 2 year old girl who would be ideal for an active outdoor type of family.



Denali and other gorgeous pooches can by found at Love Underdogs via their website.

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It feels a bit like summer.

Don’t get me wrong I love summer but my MS doesn’t. I like nothing more than being outside with my gorgeous pooches but when it is as warm as today it drains me.

2 days ago I tried to get a picture of our cherry tree in blossom before it all blew away, I couldn’t see the tree on my screen because the sun was at the wrong angle! When I came in and looked at the picture I noticed that Hamish had “photo bombed” the tree.😀  He is a funny bloke.

Cherry tree

The MS has been plodding along recently, after several more painful falls I started physiotherapy to try to help with walking. After several weeks of physio I was referred to the orthotics department at Kettering hospital to get some leg braces! Apparently I have “foot drop” in both feet. I knew my left foot had turned inwards several years ago and that I occasionally scuff both of my feet when walking but I didn’t know it was due to nerve damage, it wont get better but the braces will help a bit. I have been measured and assessed, now I just have to wait until they have been made.

I still haven’t got a foster dog as things keep popping up to put things on hold. I haven’t been able to drive very far so I can’t get to the new kennels to get a dog, I was told someone could bring me a dog and this appeared to be a solution. Now we are waiting for my Mum to have her hip replacement, this will delay getting a dog as Julia will have to help out with my Mum for a while.😦

Love Underdogs still need people to adopt the gorgeous pooches even though they are now withdrawing from The UK, dogs can be found here.


8 year old Madonna is a big soft lump who loves a good belly rub.





Zorro is a shy 8 month old puppy who needs a calm patient family to call his own, is that you?



Details of all of the Underdogs can be found by visiting the Love Underdogs website.

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Memories of Mack.

When I got my new laptop about a year ago I migrated all my pictures either to my new laptop or to our personal cloud, I was horrified and upset that I appear to have lost the folder of Mack pictures! Last night I happened to look at my old laptop to find some old emails and right there amongst the emails was Mack.:-)

Mack in snow (2)

Mack was never really “my dog” as we never adopted him but had him on foster, after the RSPCA raid on Wiccaweys there never was a chance of me returning him, I would have paid the fee to adopt if I had to but never did.

When Mack arrived from Ireland he had had a hard life, he was very skinny and matted and scared of everyone and every thing. Mack wasn’t like Hamish, he didn’t back away from things that scared him, he bit them and then shouted a lot. I don’t know the reason why but Mack was soon confined to a small travel crate in the back of a van at Wiccaweys? He hated to go back in after being walked so would nip and jump up and generally be scary. One day when a group of us had walked together Mack decided he should nip and tug Julia’s clothes, so much so that he almost had her trousers off.😀 We decided on that day that we would foster him and met no resistance from Wiccaweys as they had no time for him.

Mack a doodle 001

Mack took to our boys without any trouble but he didn’t like any of the people that came to the house. We had a few incidents when he nipped people when we were out and almost had to give up on him when he took a lump out of the leg of a local teenager, fortunately the boys mother realised it was her sons fault for riding his bike at Mack.

As time went on Mack learned to trust us and knew we would protect him so his behaviour improved gradually but noticeably, he was a joy to have. Mack loved going on the road in our motorhome/RV he especially liked going to our friends farm in Scotland where he could mix with the 9 farm dogs, it helped that our friend is very good with dogs and built up Mack’s confidence.

Copy of Mack harness 005

The last year of Mack’s life he was just like a “normal dog” He met people without nipping, he played happily with dogs and liked nothing more than snuggling up with Luca and Indy and if I was lucky me. All this makes his death even more cruel, just as he was enjoying the life he deserved it was taken from him by a cruel disease. One day Mack was healthy and happy and then he went off his food, 2 weeks later he was dead! Mack died of the visceral form of Hemangiosarcoma. The disease apparently would have started in his spleen and quickly spread via his blood vessels to his liver and heart.😦

We only had Mack for 3 years (in fact it was exactly 3 years to the day) but he was a big part of us, we learned so much from him. No matter what horrors he had in Ireland and the neglect when he first came to England with a little love and patience he learned to trust. I still miss him.

Some of the “lost picture”


I will have to do another post about Luca soon, he died during the 3 years that we had Mack, they were great friends and Mack helped Indy get over Luca dying. We have been very lucky with the dogs that have crossed our path. We will soon be bringing one of the Love Underdogs oldies home on foster so another chapter will be written.

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A very sad day.

After some issues arose between the founders of Love Underdogs and Glebe Farm Kennels it was decided that Love Underdogs would relocate. That is sad but it got worse. On one of the first runs by the company hired to transport the dogs the driver handled one of the very nervous dogs badly, instead of the kennel staff helping him as they are familiar with the dog they chose to video it and put it on the internet!! Very quickly the trolls took over and some very ill informed and hateful comments were made, as a result of this the founders and trustees have decided to stop working in the UK.

A little perspective needed here. Karine and Anna Hauser have run a campaign that has resulted in many thousands of dogs in Romania being neutered, they have worked with international rescue organizations to place dogs abroad and they have rehomed over 700 dogs in the UK. Oh, they also run a bear rescue charity that funds sanctuaries and rescues bears from all over the world. And the trolls? They have written slanderous, hateful messages on the internet. People power at its worst.

Love Underdogs will continue to work to rehome the dogs they have remaining in the UK and provide life long support to dogs who have been adopted. I am extremely saddened by the outcome of this short but very nasty episode but that is as nothing compared to what many dogs will now go through without Love Underdogs.


This is Grayson, the nervous dog who was mishandled.


Any caring lover of dogs can find their new best friend by visiting Love Underdogs site here


I have just had an update about Grayson, he has settled at the new kennels and is doing well.

Grayson new

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It’s all about MS.

Life has been all about MS lately. I have been having a harder time for a couple of years but this past year has been really tough. Falling has become such a regular thing I now only walk with crutches around the house, all other times I use either my wheelchair or mobility scooter. The importance of looking out for my safety came into focus 2 weeks ago when parking my scooter in the garden, I got off and as I reached for the door handle fell head first into the wall before hitting the floor! I had very little skin on my forehead with the added bonus of a concussion, it took 4 days until I could see straight and balance enough to sit upright.😦   I finally conceded to my MS nurse to be referred to a physiotherapist to address my falling, she said if nothing can be done to stop the falls at least we will have explored all possibilities.

Normally MS is just a “thing” living with it day to day one doesn’t really pay attention to the subtle changes until the need to do something arises. My occasion took the form of the dreaded PIP assessment. I have heard horror stories of it taking many months to go through, of uncaring employees of the DWP and terrible assessors and humiliating assessments? My experience was very different, was I just lucky? The letter arrived telling me DLA was ending and to apply for PIP, a short phone call and the forms arrived a few days later. Julia completed the forms as my brain is too foggy to do it, we got a copy of my medical records and sent it away, after a week I got an assessment date in 2 weeks time.The assessors came to the house, they were professional but cordial and completed the assessment in about 40 minutes. 3 weeks later I got the notice that I have been awarded PIP at the same level as my old DLA award. The thing that struck me was that the evidence I submitted and the answers I gave at the assessment bore little relation to the summary in my award letter? I got the feeling that it is just an exercise they have to go through to transfer people from the old benefit  to the new? I have no complaints about the decision, it is what I expected in fact the new award is slightly more money, it is just I wonder why people on a “lifetime” DLA award don’t just get transferred to PIP and save some administration time and money?  I hope that most of the people I have heard about who are very worried about their upcoming PIP applications have a positive experience like mine. The bottom line of all of that rambling is it made me list the symptoms of MS and the impact it has on my daily life, I wasn’t aware of how much things have changed in the last 22 years and how much MS not only impacts me but the rest of my family on a daily basis. Thankfully my Epilepsy is behaving itself or I might be in a right mess.😀



Now, back to the serious business of dogs. Another wonderful assortment of gorgeous pooches have arrived at Love Underdogs from Romania. Among all of the scrummy youngsters are 4 very lovely mature woofers who are featured below.


Madonna is about 5 years old.

Madonna aged 5


Aslan is a very handsome gentleman of about 12 years.

Aslan aged 12


Angelika is a sweet older lady of about 9 years of age.

Angelika aged 9


And finally for now is Tommy who is definitely not my favourite because I wouldn’t have a favourite!😉

Tommy is a spectacularly gorgeously furry 12 year old gentleman.😀

Tommy aged 12

As always anyone  looking for a wonderful furry companion can get more details of the featured dogs by clicking their names, details of other pooches can be found on Love Underdogs website by clicking wherever you see the words Love Underdogs.

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The visit is over.

It has been a month since I last blogged, our Granddaughter was visiting so I have been busy.

We managed to entertain Natalia for the whole month but actually we could have left her with the dogs and she would have had a great time.:-)


Hamish was nervous for the first day but after that Natalia was his best chum.


Bug and Ginge

Hamish and Bug

Hamish didn’t spend much time in his bed, why bother when you have a human cushion?



It looks like Natalia may be an expert “swan whisperer” after a very nervous start due to us being met at the car by several giant swans who walked us to the river.😀



Natalia did the usual tourist things in London, she loved London?! That is a very special place over her shoulder, St Thomas’s hospital is where I was born.😀


Cambridge 3 cropped

She had a great day in Cambridge with her Uncle Michael and Aunty Clare where she was lucky enough to meet professor Stephen Hawking.

It is nice having people come to stay but it is only when it is a teenager that you realize how old you are getting. Where do they get their energy from?



Ahead of the next batch of pooches arriving from Romania at he beginning of March I am giving a shout for some of the overlooked beauties still waiting for a home.

Basil is a big older chap who has been waiting too long for a home.



Trinity is a gorgeously striking young lady, just a little shy at the moment.



Banjo is 8 years old and enjoys nothing more than nice plodding walks.



And finally for now is Ralphy, an energetic and playful little bloke.



These dogs details can be found by clicking their names or all dogs can be found at Love Underdogs main page.


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Bella the stolen dog.

Back in October I shared a blog post about a dog who had been stolen from a local supermarket. Yesterday it made national news when Bella was found 130 miles away.:-)

Two lessons can be learned from the story of Bella; don’t leave dogs tied up outside shops, even for 1 minute and secondly get you dog micro chipped. Without her micro chip Bella would never have been returned to her family.

I love happy endings.:-)

Original post



Love Underdogs

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Cleo has settled.

It was two weeks ago today that Cleo was adopted, she has settled well. We have had several emails with updates which is always nice after a foster baby goes. Cleo has a new sister called Poppy she also has a canine cousin that looks just like her but I haven’t got a picture of her.

 Poppy left, Cleo right.

Cleo and Poppy


The boys have returned to their normal selves since Cleo went, just in time for our granddaughter arriving from Spain, now they have to train her.😀

Hamish is always happy looking but he had an extra grin when it was frosty.

Hamish and Indy frost


Love Underdogs have just received 31 more dogs from Romania, as usual they are all gorgeous and just waiting for their first ever home. To view these dogs or any of the other beauties click here.

















Blog posts may be infrequent for a while, I have been a bit unwell plus we will be filling the next month with showing England to our Natalia.:-)

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Foster dog, Cleo.

It has been 3 weeks since we brought Cleo home. Today I was intending to do a detailed post about her to help her to get adopted.


I was going to say how she has gone from being a skinny nervous wreck to a slightly fuller more confident girl.


Scaredy pooches

I was going to mention how much she bonded with Hamish, she follows him everywhere and mimics his silly antics.

Cleo cuddle crop

I would have probably said that she has started to enjoy a bit of fuss and attention.


But what’s the point? She has gone and got herself adopted!:-)

We got a message last week that someone wanted to meet her, I expected a little old lady with an equally old dog looking for a companion as this would have been ideal for nervous Cleo. We got to Love Underdogs today and there was a young couple with a nice dog and a CHILD!!!! I was sure that Cleo would either shut down or run a mile. When I realized that Hamish was being a distraction to her even though we were in a different paddock, I took him for a walk in the woods and left Julia with Cleo. We got back 20 minutes later to find the people completing the adoption papers. They loved her and she loved them. You just never know who will be right for the dog until you meet them.:-)

There was some more good news at Love Underdogs, Chip who is a favourite of everyone has been reserved to be collected tomorrow.:-) It was a complete mystery why he has been waiting so long? I happened to mention that I could give him a short term foster but was told he has a home. Nobody deserves a new home more than Chip. As this picture shows he is a bit of a character.😀

Wacky Chip

I will have another short break from fostering because our granddaughter is coming from Spain soon to stay for a month, it would be nice to have room for her in the house of pooches.😀



A wonderful Love Underdog looking for a home is Midnight.


Midnight is a lot like Cleo in that he is the same age and also a little shy but very playful, he would like a home without young children but older dog wise kids are fine.







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A Merry Christmas for Cleo.

Merry Christmas to everyone with the time to read blogs at this time of year.

We are ending the year with a new foster dog. We went to Love Underdogs with a view to bringing home Pepita. Unfortunately Pepita doesn’t like lively bouncy dogs so it was decided that she wouldn’t get on with Hamish.😦

Cleo was selected as our next foster dog. Cleo is very timid owing to a bad home experience, she was homed by Love Underdogs as a chubby, lively and confident young pup. After 3 months Cleo was returned as she “wouldn’t bond” with her adopters? She came back as a nervous wreck, terrified of anyone approaching her and would run a mile if a hand was put towards her! She is also a bag of bones with fur on!😦

Cleo has been with us for 5 days, she instantly attached herself to Hamish when she met him, she needs a confident dog now to show her that life is good. For the first couple of days Cleo wouldn’t come near us but followed Hamish wherever he went, now when Hamish comes for treats or fuss she comes as well. Cleo will tolerate a gentle stroking now but only if she comes to us, she will move away if she is approached. She will happily lay on the sofa very close to people just as long as Hamish isn’t too far away.

Cleo relaxed next to Eleanor when she visited (I think Hamish is somewhere close)😀

Hamish Cleo and Eleanor

A beautiful picture of a beautiful Cleo taken by Anna Hauser.

Beautiful Cleo

Cleo playing in the snow in the paddock.

Cleo in snow

Cleo at the park with Hamish.

Hamish and Cleo

Now for the cutest thing ever.

All 3 pooches needed a bath after a very muddy week, Indy was no bother neither was Cleo but Hamish hates to have a bath. Cleo was with us in the bathroom watching Hamish, she saw he was stressed so sweetly calmed him and washed his face.:-)

More information can be found on Facebook or her listing on Love Underdogs.

Cleo Underdog on Facebook

Cleo’s page on Love Underdogs.

My wish for this Christmas is that some of the people who would have bought a puppy will instead adopt a rescue dog. There are so many gorgeous pooches that need a home, they are not “rejects” or “damaged” they are often  just victims of circumstances.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and peace to you all.

yuletide boyz


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