A special Hamish day.

Today is Hamish’s third “gotcha day”

3 years ago our son drove us (I had stopped driving because of my epilepsy) all the way to the wilds of Lincolnshire to meet Hamish. The meeting consisted of trying to coax him into the same room as us but settling for a distant view of him. We knew Hamish was the pooch for us because we had fostered so many timid dogs we saw he would come around.

Hamish in his old foster home, He looked so haunted 😦

Within 5 minutes of starting the drive home Hamish was curled up on my lap asleep.

First picture at home, still with the haunted eyes.


Hamish looked healthy and well fed but when we got close to him we discovered that he was very thin with several large sore areas on his skin! We took him to the vet and discovered he had fleas and was allergic to them. We treated the fleas and the infected skin and started feeding him properly and he flourished. We think Hamish didn’t get to eat properly because he was bullied by the other dogs in his foster home, they were all quite plump? Even now Hamish will abandon his food if another dogs walks near to his bowl while he is eating, Indy is very good around food and doesn’t bother him.

Hamish and Indy after his first bath.


Hamish soon made himself at home and began to gain some confidence, he was lucky to have Indy to show him how to be a family member

Hamish loves his Mum. 🙂


Hamish is still nervous of strange people when we are out and absolutely terrified of children but in the house he is fine with people? He does have a large circle of people at the park that he has seen regularly, he likes them.

An assortment of pictures, some I have used before and others maybe not?

Hamish has come a long way in 3 years. In the first 18 months of his life he had spent 12 months as a stray on the streets of Ireland. We know from experience that strays are not treated particularly well in Ireland, treated as vermin and often tormented and abused by some people. 😦  Thankfully the majority of Irish people are wonderful and a group of them set about gaining Hamish’s trust until they could get near enough to rescue him, we are forever grateful that they did. 🙂

Hamish has helped his brother, Indy, to teach quite a few foster dogs how to be pets. He is gentle, loving, playful, cheeky, and cuddly but most of all he is my best buddy and I love him.

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Almost Christmas…Already!

Where has the year gone? Although I have done all of my Christmas shopping I’m not feeling as though I am ready for Christmas? I think the problem is that we (by we I mean Julia) have been very busy on the house. Downstairs walls and woodwork have all been painted and the hallway,Kitchen, and downstairs toilet flooring has all be taken up ready for it all to be tiled after Christmas. We have put the flooring off for way too long as the stairs and upstairs is having new carpet at the same time, the problem has always been the turmoil of having to have my stairlift taken out and then put back in afterwards (sleeping on the sofa for a few days). Now it is all ready perhaps we can relax and get ready for the big day. 🙂

Indy and Hamish are ready, just so long as Julia doesn’t make them wear antlers or Santa hats for the photos. 😀


This is as close as we could get to a group picture in front of the tree. We spent quite a while taking pictures but they were a mixture of blurs, half dogs, dogs facing the wrong way, or me with my head missing (maybe not a bad thing?) but this will do.



On their own they will pose angelically, it must be something about cuddling with me that excites them.


Our six months of caring for Pepper has ended prematurely, his person has had to stop chemotherapy as it has been poisoning her! She appears delighted with this? The doctors say they will now just monitor her and treat symptoms.

I may not post again before Christmas, it all depends on my MS symptoms. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and trouble free New Year.


 It would be wonderful if Grayson could find a home for the New Year, he has been waiting for a long time.


If anyone is looking for a fur baby to complete their family may I suggest looking at Love Underdogs, they always have a gorgeous selection of pooches waiting for a home.

Unfortunately it looks like I can no longer foster for Love Underdogs, it appears they want fosterers to be within an hours drive from the kennels (understandable if someone wants to meet a dog at short notice) but we are now about 3 hours away. 😦 I will continue to promote their dogs as they are such a worthy charity and do fantastic work for the dogs of Romania.

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Not going out.

It has been a few weeks that I have been stuck at home. A little bit of Epilepsy brain and a lot of MS symptoms have made it unsafe to venture far. I have had the joy of going to the dentist twice for a broken tooth. 😀  Finally I have been able to venture out with the pooches. Winter isn’t the best time to ride my buggy around the park, when it is cold and wet it is not nice to get plastered in mud! Frosty dry days are the best days during winter, the boys love it and I don’t get mucky.

We have had Pepper again for the past week, he went home this evening until his person has their next round of chemo in a weeks time.


Hamish and Pepper.


Indy and Pepper.


Smiling Pepper.


Hamish. (my big baby) 🙂

We have had the pleasure of an unexpected pooch visitor this weekend. Julia visited my Mum yesterday and on the way home came across a lost little dog. She did the usual detective work starting with a trip to the vet to get him scanned for a microchip which he doesn’t have, it is compulsory for dogs to be chipped now. After a lot of internetting and phoning around we tracked down a possible owner so Julia drove across town only to find they weren’t home! She left her number at the house and eventually got a call from the owner. 🙂


This is the little chap that we named Rocket for the weekend.


We discovered that Rocket is a Chihuahua/Jack Russel cross, believe it or there is a name for this?? Rocket is a Jackchi. 😀 What is the world coming to when we have to give funny names to mongrels? I am not a little dog person normally but this is the second tiny pooch we have found that I have been sad to see going home. When Rocket’s person came to collect him he did get a lecture from Julia about getting him micro chipped. Julia kept it friendly by telling him he would get a fine as well as kennel charges if the dog warden picks him up next time but what appeared to hit home with him was that someone else could find Rocket, have him chipped and keep him and he would have no evidence that Rocket was his.  Maybe in the future when we need another dog I may consider a little one, that’s what old blokes have, isn’t it?


I am not featuring an Underdog this time but directing people to Love Underdogs website. At this time of year they run a shoe box appeal to collect essentials for the Romanian dogs, also there is a Love Underdogs 2017 calendar for sale to raise funds for future rescue work.


Love Underdogs on Facebook…

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Goodbye Roxy.

Roxy has been adopted today. She has gone to live with the parents of our friend and fellow dog nut, Eleanor. 🙂

Her new home is in a quiet village location where she has a large garden that opens on to fields with a stream for her to play in (she will play in it every day) She will live with a Border Collie and some cats.

We are going to seriously miss Roxy, she has been a real delight to have for the few weeks that she has been with us. Roxy leaving has coincided with Pepper going home for a week so it is really quiet here with just Indy and Hamish.

A final pose with her dear foster brothers.



Julia and I got a final kiss from Roxy but she got so excited with me it ended with her chewing on my chin. 😀



It is always bitter sweet when a foster baby finds a home, there are always damp eyes  but we end up happy that we have played a small part in a dogs journey from despair, suffering and neglect to being a part of a real family.

Pepper will be back next week when his person is due the next round of chemo so it will only be quiet for a little while. 😀


1 Day update November 9

Roxy loves her new people, she is either sitting by her new dad or following him around the garden, that of course when she is not in the fields.

Roxy with her Collie brother, Brynn and cousins Smeagol and Tor.


Roxy and Smeagol.


Roxy and Brynn with Smeagol in the back.


And finally, Roxy swimming with Smeagol.


It’s like she never knew us, as sad as it appears it is great to see a foster baby settled with their new people. 🙂


Tundra is a stunningly beautiful dog with a very attaching nature. She does need a little time to relax around new people, but with those she knows, she is really loving.


For more details click her name Tundra or any other Underdogs contact Love Underdogs 

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If only…

Had Roxy come along at a slightly different time in our lives she wouldn’t be going anywhere. She is such a wonderful dog, perfect in fact. Roxy gets on with every dog she meets, all people, and cats! She is one of those comforting kind of dogs, a bit like my first retriever, Luca. Hamish will miss her because she loves to play “tumble monkies”, Julia will miss her because she likes to lay next to her looking at her adoringly while she is cooking, and I will miss her because she has a nice calming aura when she climbs on me and snuggles up to me. 🙂

How could anyone not love a pooch who wears a pink dressing gown so well? 😀


The reality is that we just can’t cope with 3 permanent dogs at the moment because we have made a 6 month commitment to having Pepper for a few days every 2 weeks while his person has chemotherapy, also I wouldn’t be able to exercise 3 dogs should Julia have to go away for any reason.

The good news is that there is a possible home on the horizon with people we know so we will still see her occasionally. If that doesn’t work out a friend of ours is on the case and she has a large network of doggie people she can call on to help find her the perfect home. There is no rush though, she will go to the perfect home and it will be her last home which is why we are not just making her available to “the public”.

Julia went to the chemist across the road for 10 minutes, you would think she had been gone for hours. 😀


Roxy hadn’t shown any interest in toys since being here, I don’t know if it’s from watching the boys or if she remembered she used to play? but she now loves fetch. Indy reverted to his early herding days after the first throw of the ball even going out wide and dropping behind Roxy as she ran for the ball.


Roxy has very good recall and comes back very quickly except when a call of nature takes priority. 😀

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A chocolate treat.

At last we have a foster baby. We discovered that a local family wanted to re-home their chocolate Labrador, Roxy, as they were struggling to find the time for her since having a baby. We had met Roxy many times in the park and both our boys like her so we offered to take her until we find her a home.


Roxy is adorable, well mannered, friendly, and very affectionate with the added bonus of liking cats. We have a couple of people in mind for Roxy, one of whom we are sure will want her. If our cunning plan fails we do have a large network of dog people amongst which will be a home for this lovely lump of chocolate. 🙂



Roxy is about 7 years old and has had a few homes so far in her life, we want the next one to be her last.


It has proved to be quite difficult to get a picture of her face because she is prone to looking at her foster Mum more than my ugly moosh. 🙂


The boys quickly taught Roxy that if she sits nicely after dinner she will get a dried tripe stick, it’s funny how quickly every foster dog has learned that. 😀


Update October 12th

Pepper is staying for a few days so we get even cuter pictures. 🙂




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A disappointing day. :-(

In the early days of having MS I found people to be kind, caring, and on the whole understanding. If I had any complaint it would be that some people appeared to pity me? I could live with that. The past 5 or 6 years has seen a large change in how I am treated by some people. 6 years ago,for the first time since 1994 (when I was diagnosed with MS) people started yelling insults at me! It was rare but would happen a couple of times a year, in the past year it has happened a lot. One word that is almost always included in the insult is “scrounger” this attitude is a result of the current governments narrative to turn working people against people on welfare, I am not on welfare although I get “personal Independence payment” to assist with the extra cost of having a disability. Despite the new negative attitude of many to people with disabilities I try to remain optimistic, comfortable in the knowledge that most people are decent and it is just a few knuckle draggers that hold these unpleasant views. Today I was totally rocked by an incident to the extent that if I can’t convince myself it was random I fear I may become a hermit. I was coming along my favourite path around a lake that I take Hamish on every day, as I slowed to get around a gate I felt a large rock hit the back of my head! Thrown by someone so cowardly they had to conceal themselves in a wooded area to attack a passing cripple. When I was a young man I didn’t take to being messed with, I have never been a thug or a fighter but I would look after myself if anyone caused trouble, unfortunately I am no longer able to look after myself so I have to feel confident in order to function. I will try to convince myself that this was random and not targeted because I am vulnerable, I already had some concerns about going out because of having Epilepsy, I don’t need any more worries. No serious damage done apart from a good sized egg and a small cut on the back of my head and a small break in my heart. 😦

Update: I have reported the incident to the police just in case this person targets others. The police said if I get any people hurling insults or rocks I should call them, further incidents would be investigated as a “hate crime”

One of the current campaigns that I am supporting is against the oppression of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories, my little problems are as nothing to the suffering endured by them.  If only I had the power to make the world a more peaceful and loving place.



How about promoting a Love Underdog to cheer myself up a bit. 🙂

Yoda is ten years old and his eyesight is now starting to fail. I have fostered many old dogs and several blind ones and they have all gone on to make fabulous pets.



This is rather an odd looking underdog who is also mature and very deserving of a second chance at a home. IT’S A CAT??

Smokey is about 12 years old and needing a home as his owner has gone in to a care home.


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2 Dogs remaining.

Our recent house guest has left us. Pepper was a delight to have staying with us, his person is out of hospital so he has returned home. We will be getting day long visits once a week for a while as his person has further treatment.



There hasn’t been much happening recently hence the lack of postings. I had my 6 monthly MS clinic appointment yesterday. Due to the amount of falls I still have the nurse advised using my wheelchair a bit more, she says she never likes to discourage people from walking but safety should come first. We left it that I would use wheels whenever I am feeling unsteady and will confine walking to around the house and very short walks like going to the car. Since the nerves in my lower legs and feet gave up I am unable to feel where the floor is so I have to stick to flat hard surfaces, The slightest unevenness in the ground sends me sprawling. Summer is almost finished with only one more week of warm weather forecast so a lot of my symptoms will hopefully settle down?

Julia finally got an English driving license. She got her license in America 27 years ago but never got one here when we returned, she was always worried that she had too many bad habits and couldn’t unlearn them. She has been classed as a learner driver here so had restrictions on where she could go and always had to have someone else with her. With very few professional lessons she took her test and passed easily, now I no longer have to go with her shopping. 🙂 You can teach an old dog new tricks. ( notice I didn’t use the gender specific form of dog) 😀




Denali is a stunningly beautiful 2 year old girl who does get noticed everywhere she goes with her thick silver fur and her sickle tail. She really needs to be met in person to be truly appreciated. She is an intelligent dog with a wonderful nature. She has a real fun side to her and you just cannot help but fall in love with her, she has such an endearing way about her. She would suit a family that enjoys lots of walks or any other outdoor activity as she has great stamina.



For more details or to see other Love Underdogs visit the Love Underdogs our dogs page.

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Not quite a foster dog…

…Shall we call him a guest?

Pepper has come to stay for a while as his human has had to go into hospital at short notice. We have known Pepper since he arrived at Wiccaweys from Ireland about 5 years ago, he was adopted by a near neighbour so we see him all the time.


Pepper is extremely well behaved and has been trained to a high standard so he is very easy to look after. He gets on with Indy and Hamish but like Indy he will growl at Hamish if his space is invaded. (poor Hamish, he is only trying to be one of the lads)

Like our boys, Pepper sits at all kerbs although Indy is now excused that as he has sore hips.


Julia does the mass walk in the mornings and she walks Indy and Pepper in the afternoon while I take Hamish for his very long run on my buggy (that’s me on the buggy, Hamish running) 😀

I don’t know if it is the Bearded Collie in Indy but he really gets on with Pepper? Indy looks all Border Collie but his dad was a Beardie and like Pepper he looked like Chewbacca!! 😀

Pepper as Chewbacca.




The Collie boys are not the only photogenic ones so I took a few pictures of Hamish today as well.

There is not much to report other than the pooches. My health is the same, we are still searching for our ideal motorhome/RV and the summer weather is still lovely enough for me to enjoy sitting in the garden. Not too much to grumble about. 🙂


Good news from Love Underdogs.

My favourite oldies Angelika and Tommy have been reserved and Basil has been adopted and the gorgeous Trinity who I featured on the last blog is also reserved. It has been a very good few weeks for adoptions for some of the longer term woofers but there are still more lovely dogs needing a home.


Florence is 8 years old and although shy at first is very affectionate, she would like to be an only dog in a quiet home.


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Getting on with Mr Epilepsy.

I am not yet out of the Epilepsy hole but I am getting there. I have had a kind offer from a friend to go out for coffee in a safe environment and I have had a couple of visits from friends put together with Julia taking me out will help to rid me of the stupid anxiety. It a great relief that Julia is doing the driving now, I think being dependant on public transport would stress me to death. I still feel anxious in the hours before I know that I have to go out but after just a short time out it passes. 🙂

I haven’t had any more seizures in the past couple of weeks but i am still very sensitive to certain light and noise conditions, I find fluorescent light unbearable and coupled with the kind of humming sound of lots of people in a supermarket makes shopping a no no at the moment (what a shame) 😀

Today I managed to take Hamish for a long run out on the edge of town with my buggy, we are unable to use our beautiful park because it has been taken over by Irish travellers who had just been removed from another park in town!! I have nothing against travellers, the last ones who stayed were no bother at all but this group have been racing around the park in cars and being quite intimidating to dog walkers. 😦

I had been hoping to get an “oldie” foster dog but the one who seemed to fit my current state of health needs to be kept with his friend and I don’t think I could manage 2 at a time. I will read through all of the dog descriptions on Love Underdogs and see if there is someone else who is wanting home comforts without long runs? I do miss doing something worthwhile like fostering.

The previous rescue centre I volunteered at had a spell of neglecting their dogs so I stopped going, by some accounts things had improved although I have no personal knowledge of current conditions? Wiccaweys are now leaving Wellingborough and moving to Lincolnshire. All I hope is that the local RSPCA is more diligent than the one here and that they manage to keep Wiccaweys honest. Previous conditions can be seen on the Facebook group “Wiccaweys uncovered”



I wish this gorgeous lady suited my current condition as I have dreamed of being able to help her on her way to happiness.

5 year old Trinity is a stunning girl, with a most unusual look. She is sure to turn heads! She arrived at the shelter in Romania as a puppy and we hope that she will finally find a home in the UK.

Trinity 1


Trinity 2


More details of Trinity can be found here.




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