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Foster dogs

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Here are pictures of some of our foster babies, as I search other hard drives I will add some of the others. I am posting them solely for the cute factor. 🙂  Byron was our first…

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MS fatigue, return of an old friend!

Like most old friends, MS fatigue pops in unannounced sometimes! It is one of the most debilitating symptoms of MS, I have had many short bouts in the past but it has been years since I have had one like … Continue reading

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Helping someone having an Epileptic seizure

Originally posted on Mike's Twitter Overflow – Tech, Travel, other stuff:
Something completely different than what you might expect to find here… My partner is an epilepsy sufferer, and was very open about this early on in our relationship,…

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She is back. :-)

Julia has returned from Indianapolis, the boys are very pleased that she is home. The welcome lasted about 5 seconds, so was no different from when she goes to the toilet!? Now that the sun is shining the boys spend … Continue reading

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