Almost Christmas…Already!

Where has the year gone? Although I have done all of my Christmas shopping I’m not feeling as though I am ready for Christmas? I think the problem is that we (by we I mean Julia) have been very busy on the house. Downstairs walls and woodwork have all been painted and the hallway,Kitchen, and downstairs toilet flooring has all be taken up ready for it all to be tiled after Christmas. We have put the flooring off for way too long as the stairs and upstairs is having new carpet at the same time, the problem has always been the turmoil of having to have my stairlift taken out and then put back in afterwards (sleeping on the sofa for a few days). Now it is all ready perhaps we can relax and get ready for the big day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Indy and Hamish are ready, just so long as Julia doesn’t make them wear antlers or Santa hats for the photos. ๐Ÿ˜€


This is as close as we could get to a group picture in front of the tree. We spent quite a while taking pictures but they were a mixture of blurs, half dogs, dogs facing the wrong way, or me with my head missing (maybe not a bad thing?) butย this will do.



On their own they will pose angelically, it must be something about cuddling with me that excites them.


Our six months of caring for Pepper has ended prematurely, his person has had to stop chemotherapy as it has been poisoning her! She appears delighted with this? The doctors say they will now just monitor her and treat symptoms.

I may not post again before Christmas, it all depends on my MS symptoms. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and trouble free New Year.


ย It would be wonderful if Grayson could find a home for the New Year, he has been waiting for a long time.


If anyone is looking for a fur baby to complete their family may I suggest looking at Love Underdogs, they always have a gorgeous selection of pooches waiting for a home.

Unfortunately it looks like I can no longer foster for Love Underdogs, it appears they want fosterers to be within an hours drive from the kennels (understandable if someone wants to meet a dog at short notice) but we are now about 3 hours away. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I will continue to promote their dogs as they are such a worthy charity and do fantastic work for the dogs of Romania.


About Mick C Gorman

Slightly damaged old bloke who is plodding on with more than a little help from a great wife. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 grown up children. I did the usual thing and replaced children with dogs when the nest became empty, best thing I ever did (apart from getting married of course). Life has taken a few interesting turns so far but this Epilepsy thing beats the lot! I love lots of things but in the past have never really stuck with them long enough to be good at them, I am trying harder to be better at a few things rather than okay at loads of things. There is still plenty of time. :-D
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6 Responses to Almost Christmas…Already!

  1. codemanbc says:

    A (very) Merry Christmas to Indy and Hamish! -Love, Magic
    What? Oh….and to you, Mick, and your wife, too. -Love, Magic

  2. leggypeggy says:

    Wishing you and all your tribe a very Merry Christmas.

  3. donnyjean says:

    Merry Christmas from Dunedin, New Zealand. I love reading your posts and love all of the dogs. Great photos of them on this post. Thanks. Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy 2017 . Donna T

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