Indy, the forgotten one.

It’s not that I ever forget about Indy it’s just he hates having his picture taken. Indy is a remarkable dog, he responds instantly to the softest of spoken requests, (we don’t do commands) most of the time he knows what we want before we say anything. A few years ago Indy taught himself the signs of the early stages of my seizures so he almost always gives me warning!


I thought I would catch him out by hiding upstairs and pointing the camera out the window, nope, he spotted me. πŸ™‚


He can be quite stern when I con him into looking at the camera by holding a twig.


It only works once then he brings his own twig, you will need good eyes to see it. πŸ˜€


He will pose occasionally, he had been watching me for ages while I changed my mobility scooter batteries.


He will always pose if Hamish is around but he has to have his twig. πŸ˜€

We are very lucky to have had Indy for the past 8 years and there will never be another like him. We learned after Luca died not to try to replace a unique dog but to get the one that needs us and let them show their own uniqueness.

I don’t want Hamish and Jolie to be forgotten so here they are.


Hamish enjoying the evening sunshine.


Jolie also enjoys a bit of sunshine.

Updates are infrequent and a tad boring at the moment because I am still having a hard time with MS symptoms! Life is almost entirely at home as I can’t get around very well which is why I have replaced my scooter batteries to enable me to get out more. It is going to be very interesting when I take Hamish and Jolie out with my scooter because neither one of them have seen it before, maybe the first post after that day may be interesting?



4 Year old Bobbi is still waiting for a home of his own, he is a wonderful boy who would enrich any home. If you could offer Bobbi a home click his picture for his details or go to Love Underdogs site for information on adopting.



About Mick C Gorman

Slightly damaged old bloke who is plodding on with more than a little help from a great wife. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 grown up children. I did the usual thing and replaced children with dogs when the nest became empty, best thing I ever did (apart from getting married of course). Life has taken a few interesting turns so far but this Epilepsy thing beats the lot! I love lots of things but in the past have never really stuck with them long enough to be good at them, I am trying harder to be better at a few things rather than okay at loads of things. There is still plenty of time. :-D
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7 Responses to Indy, the forgotten one.

  1. Jay says:

    Hi Mick

    I don’t expect you remember me but we met many years ago – 2O11 I think – at a Wiccaweys show when I recognised Mack who was with you at the time. I have adopted 2 dogs from Wiccaweys in the past, one sadly no longer with me. We later corresponded via this blog when I offered my condolences when I saw your post that your lovely Mack had sadly died. I haven’t been on social media for some years but recently rejoined facebook and today I searched for Wiccaweys on there which led me to the Wiccaweys uncovered page and I saw a comment made by you and remembered you and here I am – a little shell shocked by some of what I have just read / seen. I have some more to ask you that I would prefer not to do in a public arena and wondered if you would be kind enough to email me – supplied below in the details bit – but of course only if you have time.

    best wishes,


  2. suchled says:

    Mick I was intrigued by the fact that Indy can sense your seizures. There was an article in a local (Australian) paper about a dog that lived in an old folks home and wandered all over the place and it would jump up on a bed and lie down with a person. And that person would invariably pass away. The staff would ask where the dog was (it was usually wandering around) and if it was in someones rooms the staff would prepare. I guess Indy is one of the special ones or are all dogs as perceptive?

    • mickcgorman says:

      I think all dogs are perceptive but they home in on different things. It would appear that my late Golden Retriever also spotted seizures but it didn’t register with me at the time, a couple of times when I had black outs I would become aware again with Luca laying on me and pawing at my face. We have a lot to learn from pooches, they definitely have something special going on. πŸ™‚

  3. leggypeggy says:

    We have our own Indy, a standard schnauzer. It’s easy to get pictures of her from the back. If there’s wildlife on television, she’s there watching. It took a while for her to figure out that when a horses trots off the screen, it has not gone behind the family room curtains. I must do a post on her one day.

    As for Indy’s radar with you, the local newspaper carried a story the other day about a small dog that senses the onset of diabetic episodes in her family’s identical twins. Molly, the dog, is now allowed to accompany the girls to school. It’s reassuring when the authorities take these abilities seriously. Here’s a link.

    • mickcgorman says:

      Watching dogs watching television is quite entertaining, we have a foster dog who had never been in a home so it took her a while to not follow people and animals on screen. πŸ˜€
      I would love to read a post about your Schnauzer, she sounds a character,
      Thanks for the link, what a lovely story. Unfortunately I can’t get Indy approved as a therapy dog because they have to be trained and supplied by an official Epilepsy organization 😦 He goes just about everywhere that I go though. πŸ™‚

      • leggypeggy says:

        Our Indy is a character. We’re working hard on making her better behaved with other dogs.
        Such a pity that your Indy can’t be approved as a therapy dog. Rules, regulations and paperwork can be a big bore. Nevertheless, it’s great that he’s ‘on your case’.

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