Doctors Orders.

Almost exactly 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, the first thing my neurologist said to me after my diagnosis was don’t climb ladders and stay away from open water. I thought the open water thing would be the toughest as I love fishing, I figured out ways to fish safely by either staying strapped in my mobility scooter or sitting far back from the water and using long handled landing nets etc. Ladders? that’s not an issue, I never climb ladders! until yesterday, I got an automated call from the property maintenance company saying they are coming this afternoon, I thought it was for re doing the insulation in the attic. In a blind panic because of the stuff up there I decided to gets the stuff out myself. To be entirely honest I didn’t use a ladder, I used an office chair to get a foot in the airing cupboard and from there stepped up into the attic, it all went very well and I managed to get things around the hatch for lowering down and then it all went blank and the next thing I knew I was laying on the floor 10 feet below the hatch with every inch of my body hurting! Today I am very sore and stiff but I appear to have escaped any serious damage. The worst part of all this is that Julia, who is away at the moment, phoned and found out that they are not doing the insulation until the 20th. All that pain was for nothing.

Lesson learned, I would say. πŸ™‚


On a lighter note, Annie has settled in her new home and Hamish has stopped looking for her all the time.

This is the last picture I took of Annie on the day that she left.

And this is the first picture of Annie in her new home.

Job done, I would say. πŸ™‚



Today the Love Underdog looking for a home is 2 year old Luke.

Luke has his own Facebook page or you can read about him and learn how to adopt him on Love Underdogs website,


About Mick C Gorman

Slightly damaged old bloke who is plodding on with more than a little help from a great wife. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 grown up children. I did the usual thing and replaced children with dogs when the nest became empty, best thing I ever did (apart from getting married of course). Life has taken a few interesting turns so far but this Epilepsy thing beats the lot! I love lots of things but in the past have never really stuck with them long enough to be good at them, I am trying harder to be better at a few things rather than okay at loads of things. There is still plenty of time. :-D
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6 Responses to Doctors Orders.

  1. Kate Redding says:

    OK, so the neurologist only said ladders he obviously didn’t think to mention climbing on office chairs!! That doesn’t make it a good thing to do. Seriously, hope you are OK. Beautiful pictures of Annie, and definitely ‘job done’

  2. mickcgorman says:

    My thoughts exactly, being thick every prohibited item has to be listed otherwise I think for myself and then trouble ensues! πŸ™‚
    I will survive, I have never had such a sore back and legs as I have today, I am walking more like an old man than usual. πŸ˜€

  3. Mick you silly “male”! I guess that there should be a “don’t” manual written for you all when you are told not to do things πŸ™‚ So glad you weren’t seriously hurt. Wonderful pictures of Annie, thanks for sharing them! Hope you are enjoying some warmer weather than we are here with that arctic blast…brrrrrrrr!

  4. mickcgorman says:

    I’m usually quite sensible, maybe less so when told I can’t do something?
    I am a bit relieved that I didn’t get hurt. πŸ™‚

  5. Marion Walken says:

    Hello Mick, I was just looking around Collie websites and remembered reading some of your comments in 2013 after I lost yet another beloved dog. I am absolutely devastated to learn what has happened at Wiccaweys, my boy was a Dogstrust dog, in his memory I donated to various Collie rescues as well – yes – you guessed it – Wiccaweys was one of them, I now feel that my dog’s memory has been soiled! I now have another rescue, Bailey, an Irish throw out. He is nervous, but he was petriified, I’ve had him 18 months now and we love one another. He is learning to play and is trying very hard not to be terrified of a world that had only shown him pain. Thank God for our dogs. I hope you are not going to diving from chairs – it hurts!! Take care, Marion

    • mickcgorman says:

      Hello Marion.
      We were all saddened by the way things went at Wiccaweys, I am sure your donation would have helped dogs, it was only a short period of time that things went downhill.
      I also have an Irish rescue dog, Hamish has been with us for 10 months now and he is a character. πŸ™‚ it is great to see the fear leave them and the joy move in, isn’t it?
      Rest assured I will no longer be doing any chair diving, I have been grounded. πŸ˜€

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