Slow and easy does it.

The summer is slowly plodding on and Annie’s progress is doing the same. We have odd days when Annie will get scatty at things that didn’t bother her the day before? mostly she is doing OK.

Annie nice face


During our walk in the park this morning we met up with Hamish’s gang so there were 9 dogs in total and Annie was relaxed with all of them, lots of rear end sniffing and face licking went on and she was fine, even when one of the dogs person approached her she only moved back 2 feet. 🙂

Hamish and Annie smell the flowers


Usually where Hamish goes so does Annie, he likes to look after her and reassure her. She could do without Hamish when we first get to the park because when he is let off lead he does like to do some mad runs which involve running at her and jumping her at the last second!

Indy in the garden


Indy is always somewhere close by, in fact he is laying by her chair now. 🙂

Indy and Annie


I would say that when the right home comes along for Annie she will fit in very easily, the people will have to be patient with her and any man in the household will wait longer for affection than the woman but it will be worth it. Annie is a lovely, gentle and well mannered girly who just needs to learn that the world isn’t out to get her. I am not in a hurry for her to move on, she can stay as long as she likes but when a forever home is offered I will be very happy for her and just a bit sad for me.



One of the dogs looking for a home via Love Underdogs is buddah, an older gentleman pictured here while still in Romania.


About Mick C Gorman

Slightly damaged old bloke who is plodding on with more than a little help from a great wife. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 grown up children. I did the usual thing and replaced children with dogs when the nest became empty, best thing I ever did (apart from getting married of course). Life has taken a few interesting turns so far but this Epilepsy thing beats the lot! I love lots of things but in the past have never really stuck with them long enough to be good at them, I am trying harder to be better at a few things rather than okay at loads of things. There is still plenty of time. :-D
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8 Responses to Slow and easy does it.

  1. scifihammy says:

    Aw, it does take a long time with a nervous dog, and tons of patience. But it looks like you are winning. How long have you had Annie now? I found my worst case dogs took 6 to 7 months to truly settle down. Thank goodness for Indy’s calming influence. And I had to laugh at Hamish charging Annie! 🙂 Sounds just like my girl, the Idiot, who does the same, and also leaps in the air and lands on poor old Mr Spaghetti Legs with the bad back – but he just shrugs it off. Good Luck 🙂

    • mickcgorman says:

      We have had Annie 6 weeks now, I am pleased with her progress, we fostered Mack for a year before he stopped eating people! At least Annie doesn’t do that. 🙂
      Me and Hamish think his idea of playing is very funny, Annie DOES NOT! 😀

  2. codemanbc says:

    Dogs chained up outside….uggh.

  3. Shes a cutie, best of luck! 🙂

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