Words fail me! :-(

I will post this link almost without comment.

I stopped going to Wiccaweys 2 years ago because I had ethical differences with the proprietors after that I just stuck to fostering. The RSPCA seized these dogs but later returned them? What were they thinking?

For people who don’t use Facebook here is the post with a few of the pictures. (there are 86 on Facebook)
Liz Clarke;Β Sometimes the truth is so awful we want to hide from it – but it still needs to be told, first hand and with evidence. This is not gossip or people jumping on a bandwagon, this is the real story of what has happened at Wiccaweys Border Collie Rescue from one of the people brave enough to speak out for the dogs – a really honest and genuine person.

“The Wiccaweys propaganda machine continues to mislead supporters by spreading lies suggesting that no offences were ever committed and that the RSPCA investigation was simply the result of unfounded allegations by a disgruntled employee. Therefore, after much thought, I have decided to release some of the many pictures which I took over considerable period of time. As a key witness, I was asked to remain silent during the RSPCA investigation for fear of compromising the outcome. However internal issues within their own organisation have meant that the RSPCA managed to do this all by themselves. At the outset of their investigation I was assured that Wiccaweys would face prosecution due to the offences which had been committed under the Animal Welfare Act. However after making a huge mess of things the RSPCA realised that they would not win the case in court. This is the reason why Wiccaweys were not prosecuted for animal abuse and neglect and the rescue closed down.I have fully supported Wiccaweys for many years, financially and by homechecking, fostering, cleaning, walking the dogs and generally helping out where needed. Historically I would not hear a bad word spoken against them. However I became increasingly concerned about the welfare of the dogs, and during my years of helping out I have witnessed many examples unacceptable standards in how the dogs were treated and accommodated. I reached a point where I could no longer “turn a blind eye” to the conditions and acts of abuse/cruelty I had witnessed and neither could I walk away and do nothing to help these dogs, the innocent victims of this abuse.Prior to the raid when over 20 dogs were removed, the RSPCA had visited Wiccaweys on two separate occasions following complaints received. The second visit was during the time when some of these photographs were taken and while a complicit RSPCA Inspector felt everything was alright, clearly my pictures demonstrate otherwise.

I have known and loved some of these dogs for years. It saddens me to see that some of them shown (Kiki, Cody, and Buddy) are still waiting adoption. Others like Prince, Lenny, Fifi, Judy and Rosie will almost certainly remain at Wiccaweys until they die.

The young collie pictured in the back of the van was born at Wiccaweys and has spent half his life in the back of this van. He is actually one of Sarah’s “own” dogs. It was common to have 4 dogs accommodated in this van in all weathers. Further dogs were kept in assorted crates in the shop area, where cupboards had been constructed and dogs kept in these confined, dark, poorly ventilated spaces. Cody and Piper were kept here for a long period. Cody’s only crime was that he “chased traffic and was stressed out in a crate”. Sadly Piper was moved into one of the yards just prior to the RSPCA raid and then deemed “unrehomeable” and put to sleep.

The large barn was fitted out with crates which soon became dirty and broken. The majority of crates had a plastic basket for the dogs to sleep in, but very rarely was any form of bedding used. The dogs remained in their crate for virtually 24 hours a day, having to lie and stand in their own excrement, thus making them absolutely filthy. They would only have a walk at the weekend when folk like myself would volunteer and walk the dogs and give the crates a good clean. I have seen so many dogs upset and their spirits broken by being kept in this way, which is heartbreaking. The dogs were fed irregularly with a block or two of frozen food, making many of them very constipated.

Some of the dogs are deemed “sponsor dogs/special case” dogs, but they were just kept in the crates, the same as the other dogs. They certainly did not receive any extra or special care. Rosie, cocker spaniel, was kept in an odd crate at the top of the barn. She often didn’t have any bedding and her crate was always soaked in urine, both from herself and from the male dogs who would always cock their legs up her crate as they were passing. The top of her crate was always piled high with rubbish.

It is ironic to see that across the banner for Wiccaweys new venture “Inspire your Dog” is a picture of Merlin the lurcher. Merlin has spent the last few years living in one of these crates in the barn, again rarely with bedding and he is supposed to be a much loved member of their family!

The dogs had been living in these conditions for a few years. Paul’s heart attack was used to explain deteriorating conditions but the situation had been like this long beforehand. My actions have never been personal towards Sarah and Paul. I tried to talk to them but I found that they were not open to any suggestions and I was told “if you don’t like it, don’t come back!”. I would have taken the same action in reporting my first-hand fully evidenced concerns to the RSPCA no matter who was keeping dogs in this way. I was and still am only concerned for the welfare of these vulnerable dogs I have nothing to hide and I have never been anything other than honest.

Obviously I have been banned from Wiccaweys for simply telling the truth. My only comfort is that Wiccaweys are now firmly on the radar of the RSPCA and should undergo regular inspections and monitoring for the foreseeable future. Sadly the cosmetic facelift with new kennels does not mean that these dogs are going to be looked after properly. I know this couple too well and worry about what is going on behind closed doors.

Before you jump in to defend this “rescue” I would simply request that you ask yourself “Did I go into the barn, shop and van and see for myself where and how these dogs were kept? ” BECAUSE I DID and this is what the Wiccaweys scandal is all about. The truth about Wiccaweys needs to be made public so people are no longer misled but fully informed. ”


This is in the back of a van, 4 dogs often live in here!
Mack lived in the van for 5 months before I brought him home. 😦
I’m not the kind of person to join a “witch hunt” Β but it breaks my heart to know dogs are living like this at a place that is supposed to be their sanctuary.




About Mick C Gorman

Slightly damaged old bloke who is plodding on with more than a little help from a great wife. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 grown up children. I did the usual thing and replaced children with dogs when the nest became empty, best thing I ever did (apart from getting married of course). Life has taken a few interesting turns so far but this Epilepsy thing beats the lot! I love lots of things but in the past have never really stuck with them long enough to be good at them, I am trying harder to be better at a few things rather than okay at loads of things. There is still plenty of time. :-D
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49 Responses to Words fail me! :-(

  1. OMG…this is horrible

    • mickcgorman says:

      I never cease to by astonished by how horribly people treat animals! 😦
      England is supposed to be a nation of animal lovers? And these people claim to “rescue” dogs?!

      • Patricia O'Sullivan says:

        Mick, is Wiccaweys still in operation? And any idea as to what happened to the poor dogs that were removed?

      • mickcgorman says:

        Hello Patricia.
        Yes, they are still there! All dogs taken by the RSPCA were returned! Errors were made which meant the RSPCA couldn’t prosecute. 😦

      • Patricia O'Sullivan says:

        Thanks for replying Mick. I did read in amongst other comments that the RSPCA could not prosecute – incredible how the law can be twisted to protect the guilty. The Wiccaweys website is a successful cover for what is going on behind closed doors. I am still in shock as they claim to be experts at rehabilitating traumatised dogs, particularly collies who have been abused by ignorant, cruel farmers in Ireland and Wales. The language I want to use to describe them may not be acceptable to you but believe me, it cannot possibly describe the hypocricy and the decrepitude of those responsible for adding to the pain of these mistreated dogs.

      • Heather Smith says:

        I totally agree .. I have a rescue dog who originally came from Wiccaweys . She had so many issues and has overcame so much in life . This place is a disgrace and it breaks my heart to see these dogs suffer

      • It’s nice to hear that another dogs has escaped from that place. I have seen so many dogs arrive there as perfectly normal dogs only to leave with major “issues” ☹️

  2. lilybug1960 says:

    Why do people treat something who knows nothing but unconditional love for us with such horrid conditions?

    • mickcgorman says:

      I don’t know? For the 3 years I volunteered at the rescue, the owners cared for the dogs but things gradually started getting bad. I couldn’t be a part of it, when anyone spoke to the owners they became hostile. I decided to carry on fostering for them only to keep as many dogs as possible out of those horrible little crates. When Mack died I used that as the point to sever all ties with Wiccaweys but still said nothing (much to my shame) now having seen how bad things became through those pictures I can’t be quiet anymore.

  3. mickcgorman says:

    Thank you, lilybug1960. I do feel as though it is too little too late? 😦
    They have put to sleep some beautiful dogs who’s only fault was to not be affectionate towards the rescue owners! (A mortal sin in their eyes) 😦

  4. By now, you must know where I stand with this abuse! Can you feel me screaming through the page!

  5. mickcgorman says:

    You and me both! The anger I have is made worse because these people dare to pass judgement on other dog owners, they always say that theirs is the only way to raise a Collie and then I find out they are keeping them like this. I have known them to take back a dog they had adopted out because it escaped from it’s new garden? It returned after a couple of hours? That dog is now in their dirt yard 3 years on!! 😦
    I am also angry at the RSPCA because they have had many reports about this “rescue” and did nothing until a campaign started on facebook about a year ago.

  6. Its hard for me to stomach stuff like this. I don’t understand the heartless when it comes to kids or animals. Your a good person to foster, it’s an honorable thing to give yourself in love and to do good.

  7. mickcgorman says:

    Thank you, Kerri.
    It was awful seeing my Mack in that van for 5 months, i would have brought him home sooner if I hadn’t already had 2 foster dogs with me. 😦
    I know you have a lot of followers,if some of them see the story and then their followers do perhaps enough people will be angry enough to make it change?

  8. Patricia O'Sullivan says:

    I was about to recommend Wiccaweys to somebody in Ireland where a pregnant collie is about to be pts if no home is found within days. I googled them to get precise contact details and was totally shocked to read about the conditions in which their dogs were kept, the RSPCA’s removal of 30 dogs and now these pictures from Mick Gorman. I am disgusted, appalled, angry etc etc. Wiccaweys website is therefore a total lie. On another link to a FB site, I read that some people are excusing such conditions on the basis that they are “temporary”. They look pretty established to me and how could any animal lover resort to such conditions for any reason???? We were planning to adopt a collie from this rescue but circumstances intervened and we got a street dog from Romania. Poor dogs.

    • mickcgorman says:

      Thank you for your comment. Those hideous conditions were only temporary because the RSPCA intervened, the dogs would have lived like that forever otherwise. They do have new kennels now but the people are the same! I found that most of the people still supporting wiccaweys have never been there, they just take the word of the people who run it that conditions are good.
      A very sad situation. 😦

      • Patricia O'Sullivan says:

        Precisely Mick – the people are the same so it won’t be long before conditions deteriorate. But even if we were to visit the farm, I note you are not allowed view the dogs in their kennels anyway. They will bring the dog to greet you. No wonder you are not allowed choose from a group of dogs – they don’t want anyboy to see or smell the conditions they are being kept in. There is so much animal abuse everywhere – we know that – but to have it in the very shelters that are meant to protect animals from such abuses – now that is an absolute disgrace.

      • mickcgorman says:

        When i first volunteered at wiccaweys the dogs were well cared for, over the course of 3 years things fell apart, i don’t know why they changed? Maybe it became too much for them? If that is the case perhaps they should get out of dog rescue.

      • Patricia O'Sullivan says:

        Totally agree – if they can no longer cope with the responsibilities of looking after the dogs, they should do the honourable thing and stop running the rescue.

      • Pauline Barr says:

        Well done for speaking out about this Mick. As you will be aware, myself and other volunteers walked away too as concerns we raised directly fell on deaf ears. I was shocked too at the conditions portrayed on the photographs and even more shocked that folk suggested that the photographs were photo shopped and that it has been a ‘witch hunt’. How anyone can condone keeping dogs in conditions like this is beyond me. 😦 Wishing you and Julia well.

      • mickcgorman says:

        Thank you, Pauline.
        The very suggestion that Eleanor would misrepresent conditions at wiccaweys is laughable!
        Anyone who thinks there is a “witch hunt” should visit and look in the barns! 😦

      • andy g uk says:

        I have read all the comments and have to say that all these are based on a few disgruntled helpers who seem to have been quite happy going along with wiccaweys housing of the dogs at that time and you appear to enjoy sitting at the top of the table like some righteous expert on all things. photos can look bad simply by taking them at odd angles I know as am a photographer so to keep harping on about these is daft.

        There was a rescue underfunded and conditions were not brilliant but was not broken, we have made massive changes which were planned and did not happen because the RSPCA were involved I say involved they on a technicality took dogs away to ease the situation whilst the work was carried out…I was one of three witnesses on site when the inspection to wind up the investigation was carried out have to say that it was carried out in a professional manner and appeared to me that the RSPCA were apologetic about the incident as though it was all a waste of time and money. The dogs were all returned with NO conditions attached. FACT
        since then the ex helpers went into character assassination mode .as the original plan came to nothing so now you are trying to turn those read your words against these two nice people who head up WICCAWEYS.. Paul and Sarah are not monsters they are educated genuine people. I have got to know them very well and can only speak as I find.
        I meet most of the regulars at wiccaweys and find all of them fantastic bunch. whenever you get a group of people you always will have some that want different things and go in different directions from those that run any organisation and I feel you and the few others are in this category and because you could not get what you wanted you turned against them.. I have run a business for 40 years of between 6 to 40 staff so have a good idea how things should be done and also have a bloody good nose for people. there will always be people that are unhappy and they must choose where they want to be in or out.
        would the current helpers be involved knowing what they do NO if things were as you all state we would not be there.
        are the condition’s as you clearly state… NO the accommodation is brilliant, if you don’t believe it come and look for yourself , don’t hide behind a keypad get off your bum and look for yourselves. they were cramped, tired and not really fit for purpose maybe… but not now. WICCAWEYS is fit for purpose. and has a band of helpers that can get things done to keep it that way… not snipe at it because of personality issues which are the cause of all this sniping.
        Oh and by the way nearly ALL rescues don’t allow you to wander through the kennels.. 2 things Health and Safety and it upsets the dogs getting them very vocal….. BCT gb and BATTERSEA are two big ones that operate this way… so please lets these silly comments
        unhelpful and based on lack knowledge and experience.

      • mickcgorman says:

        I will publish your reply in full despite it being misguided and inaccurate.
        Firstly, you never saw the conditions at wiccs prior to the raid FACT. You was sent over from the show to meet a dog and my wife got a dog out to show you.
        Secondly the former volunteers who have spoken out are not people who couldn’t get their way, they are people who spent 20 or 30 hours a week shoveling shit while your wonderful dog rescuer friends sat on their fat arses doing nothing. FACT
        If you want to try to bully someone you might want to look elsewhere because I bite.
        I was polite and respectful to the abusers at wiccaweys because my wife wanted to try to help the dogs by spending 5 days a week volunteering but I no longer have that motivation so go away! (Edited out expletive to avoid offending my polite followers)
        Oh, ask S and P if you can see in the walled yard and check the dogs hidden in the house, they wont let you see those.
        They also will not publish dissenting comments on their forums the way “wiccaweys uncovered” and I have?

  9. Bridget Jamieson says:

    I’ll second that Mick. You are fantastic for speaking out. I’m shocked that the blind followers of Wiccaweys are accusng Eleanor of photoshopping the pictures to make them look worse – she must be a whizz on the computer to shrink large, clean airy kennels into small, dirty crates. It was even said to me yesterday that if she had cleaned the crates instead of taking the photos there would have been no problem. As if the filth and cramped living conditions could have happened overnight. The term witch-hunt is always used when people are genuinely trying to improve animal welfare – I suppose they want everyone to stand by and let animals suffer. If Wiccaweys had even remained in the condition it was in when I last visited years ago, none of this would have happened. No-one, surely, can deny that there was a deterioration in the conditions for the poor dogs over the years. There were no crates in the shop and barn then although very few people were allowed ‘behind the scenes’ in the dogs’ yards. I shudder to think that I contributed towards buying the van which was Paul and Sarah’s pride and joy when it was new. If what Eleanor has said and shown in the pictures is untrue, then why aren’t they in court suing her for defamation or the like? Thank you for supporting her Mick. πŸ™‚

    • mickcgorman says:

      Thank you, Bridget.
      It is very sad how things turned out, I saw happy well looked after dogs for a long time but things deteriorated as S & P took in larger numbers of dogs. I am sure they intended to do well by those dogs but just became overwhelmed? They should have asked for help. All that matters now is the dogs, peoples pride should be put aside.
      I am thinking of getting Eleanor to photoshop my house, that way Julia wont have to clean it and it will be bigger. πŸ˜€

  10. Bridget Jamieson says:

    That’s what I was thinking too Mick. The magic of computers, eh?

  11. Debbie says:

    Is it right, as I have heard, that Wiccaweys are taking court action themselves against some people who have spoken out\?

  12. Hayley Page says:

    That is disgusting. Looking at those pictures should have been enough to shut them down. How dare they treat animals like that an not even care. Sick wasters thats all they are!!

    • mickcgorman says:

      It’s very sad that people treat dogs that way, isn’t it? 😦
      Thank you for reading the posting, the more people aware of the suffering that some animals go through the more likely it is to change.

  13. Maria Birrell says:

    I went there to walk the dogs on a Sunday as I love Border Collies but I work so cannot have one so I thought I could help out. I thought it strange that I was not allowed to see where the dogs were kept and everything was very dirty, I walked a selection of dogs they were all very grubby. It also distressed me the way they were keeping some ducks in a very small area with very little water in a bowl. I have three ducks and it is something I know about they should have access to clean water at all times as they need it to clean their eyes and bill, they had runner ducks which this is vital for, when I mentioned this tactfully It was dismissed and I got the impression that my comments were not welcome . I didn’t go back again as what I had followed on their website just wasn’t reality.

    • mickcgorman says:

      Thank you for your comment, Maria.
      I didn’t mention the other animals because they weren’t subject of the RSPCA inspection but I share your concerns about how some are kept. You didn’t say when you went? Hopefully it was before the inspection because I would like to think that things have improved.

  14. Cariad Dudley says:

    I’m sorry for all of those that have spoken out on this and been accused of a witch hunt. That is very harsh because I know how hard it must have been for you to speak out and to put your name to it. Nobody does that without good reason and you have my full respect.
    The keyboard warriors out there are simply failing to see the true facts and sniping between parties detracts from the real purpose. If you don’t speak out for the dogs, who will? The voice for the voiceless. I’ve seen the pictures of dogs holed up surrounded in filth, pictures don’t lie and I’m angry. That being said, all the witness accounts I’ve personally seen are well presented and have not been disrespectful to Paul and Sarah, merely the concern that comments and offers of help were not welcomed by them after it became clear that they had got in over their heads. The new pens and pods are lovely but when will they be back to the same state as before? When the RSPCA stop bothering I should expect.
    As a rescuer myself, I feel it is important that the public know where dogs are coming from/going to. Freedom of speech is a human right, not a privilege.
    For me, the most shocking thing so far has been the eyewitness statement on the FB page last night about emaciated dogs being taken in for cremation. That is the saddest thing I have heard. Good luck to all involved with the campaign. I truly hope you can make a difference for the lives of the animals.

    • mickcgorman says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      You are right, nobody I have spoken with wishes Sarah and Paul ill, it is all about the dogs. I kept going to Wiccaweys beyond the point at which I felt comfortable but thought doing so would help the dogs, in effect it just gave the impression that I approved of the situation. I am happy to hear that conditions have improved, long may it continue. The RSPCA should examine their own role in this, I think they failed in their remit to protect animals and enforce the animal welfare act.

      • mickcgorman says:

        I should add; I have not read any talk of a witch hunt that may be on the internet, most of the people who side with Wiccaweys just lately have never been there. I would happily debate the issue with anyone who has been there during the time of the photos and they can explain to me how those conditions can be right.
        Talk of legal action doesn’t worry me, I will gladly tell a court my first hand knowledge of Wiccaweys.

  15. Cariad Dudley says:

    I’ve seen a few comments about a so called ‘witch hunt’ which I find very sad. This is about animal protection, not being right, wrong or otherwise.
    I myself can wholly state that I’ve never been there and am only following the witness accounts and information as I see it. Sadly, with regard to the RSPCA I’m afraid to say it’s a case of ‘don’t get me started.’ I actually worked for them for 2 years in a voluntary capacity, tried two separate branches before I couldn’t stand it any more and set up on my own. I fostered for them, raised money that they weren’t prepared to spend and even acted as a co-ordinator for foster carers in the local area and had to carefully apologise why they refused to pay for snap tests and allowed fosters expenses to rise into the Β£100’s. In my back garden is a rabbit that I fostered 3 years ago from a local branch. They ‘forgot’ about him, never enquired about his health, his care and I was damned if I was going to remind them. He’s an old man now, lived his days out in a huge hutch and run, with good food and lots of love. The RSPCA clearly too involved with penny pinching to actually pay attention to what’s going on.
    Compared to the failings in their handling of Wiccaweys, my story is small scale, the atrocities that they are guilty of there are enormous and it angers me that they parade the name RSPCA as a badge, automatically deserving respect and yet how many people are disgusted by their practices? I don’t hear the same about Air Ambulance, Lifeboats, Macmillan Nurses? All self funded organisations offering the service they set out to provide. To me, the RSPCA are a waste of a name, pointless and useless. Leaving animals to rot in squalor?
    I recently had communication with the Chief Inspector of our area over another matter. He was very nice, dealt with my complaint very professionally, even offered to come to my home personally, along with another inspector to address my complaint. I declined his offer, suggested instead that his time might be better spend protecting animals than schmoozing the general public.

    So, I say, “witch hunt,” campaign or otherwise, it doesn’t need a label …. The people that have witnessed the failings at wiccaweys have no choice but to speak out. The RSPCA failed in it’s duty to the animals, there is no one else. Our duty, as supporters of these brave individuals and as animal rescuers, lovers, etc, is to support them and hope that there is a solution. That not another single creature will sleep in it’s own muck, not see daylight for 23 out of 24 hours a day.

    Again, my support and my respect to all involved. I truly hope that you can make a difference for the lives of those dogs.

  16. mickcgorman says:

    Thank you.
    I know many more people who have had bad expeiences of the RSPCA than good!
    As for Wiccaweys, they are saying people can see how good the conditions are on the easter weekend walk event? I am sure the big barn will be open for viewing but will the other various buildings and the yard?
    I have found some of the statements on the wiccaweys uncovered f/b page heart breaking, I thought the things that I had seen was bad enough but others have witnessed much worse.

  17. The Crunchy Fox says:

    I got my beautiful dog Roxie from Wiccs, she was known as Lucky Lucy – I’ve had her for nearly 5 years now. Seeing the conditions she was kept in, for the short time she was there, makes me all the more happy that she chose me the day that I went to see her – she wasn’t there for long fortunately. The day that I went to see her, the guy who runs it brought her out, tucked under his arm, and she defecated herself in fear, as presumably she’d not been at all socialised in the time she was there. Because the owners of Wiccs wanted to keep Roxie for themselves, I waited there for hours and hours before Sarah finally let me fill in the paperwork to take her with me – I wasn’t going anywhere without my Roxie – because she really did choose me – when they put me in that little room with the sofa, they put Roxie on the end of the sofa – and as soon as he walked out, she jumped on me in joy, licking my face – that was it, it was a done deal. It breaks my heart to see that they’re still operating in this way. Ironic that they’re called Wiccaweys, as one of the guiding principle of Wiccans is to do no harm to others, human or otherwise, and what you give out comes back threefold.

  18. mickcgorman says:

    Thank your for commenting.
    I remember Roxie (formerly Lucy) I also remember you having to hang around for a long time!
    Some people like to play power games, don’t they? I am so glad that Roxie has her perfect home. πŸ™‚
    That little room they put you in to do paperwork now houses dogs! To be fair it only houses an amount that the RSPCA find acceptable whereas before the raid it housed many more.
    I have seen video and pictures of the new accommodation for the dogs and it looks good, as I have said in comments before, long may it continue that way.

  19. The Crunchy Fox says:

    I felt like I was waiting an eternity to take Roxie home with me! I wasn’t going anywhere without her though – as soon as I had seen the picture of Lucky Lucy online, I just had this feeling that she’d be mine, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful! I sincerely hope that things continue to improve at Wiccs.

  20. Nicola says:

    I got a dog from wiccaweys in 2011 called Freda. She was an incredibly nervous dog and although improved remains so. We have always wondered about the story we were given about her, do any of you remember her and her history?

    • mickcgorman says:

      Thank you for commenting. I remember the name, Freda, but I can’t for the life of me remember her story, sorry. So many of the Wiccaweys dogs came from Ireland where they had very difficult lives before being rescued leading to many of them being nervous, she is very lucky that you adopted her and give her the love and patience that she needs.

      • Nicola says:

        It has been amazing to see her progress, very rewarding. We are now thinking of getting another rescue collie, can you recommend anywhere?

  21. mickcgorman says:

    Hello, Nicola.
    You could try bordercollietrustgb.org.uk or vallgraysbcrescue.org.uk/ alternatively many local shelters get Border Collies but as they are not breed specific may not assess them enough.
    Good luck getting a new friend. πŸ™‚

  22. Beth says:

    Hello Mick, I don’t know if you’ll remember me because I haven’t had anything to do with Wiccs for a long time, but I remember you and I just wanted to say that I imagine it was very difficult for you to say anything against Paul and Sarah and I hope that you haven’t let the negative comments get you down. I adopted Daisy and I am 100% sure I was not given the full story about her background. I was never one of the ‘blessed few’ who were allowed into the area where the dogs were kept and I have to admit I found that odd at the time. I never really personally liked Paul and Sarah, but I felt they knew a lot about collie behaviour, so I’m quite shocked. I’ve just searched for the website and it appears to have been taken down, so I assume the rescue has now been shut down? I hope you are feeling okay, I always admired you for making the effort to help with the dog walking when your mobility was obviously an issue. Take care of yourself, Beth x (& Daisy!)

    • mickcgorman says:

      Hello, Beth. I think Wiccaweys are still there although I think their time is limited because of the development of the area. I don’t follow anything about them so comments pass me by. πŸ™‚
      It’s good to hear from you.

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