She’s off again.

Julia will be returning to Indianapolis on Thursday, 😦 thankfully only for 3 weeks this time. Her dad’s guardianship hearing is on the 25th and then she is staying until his birthday before returning home. All of this wouldn’t have been needed if the thieving preacher had been half decent and not tried to rob every penny from an honest and hard working couple. (and some people wonder why I don’t trust many people)!

On a happier note, we have started our search for another dog. I have decided that I am ready for a Golden Retriever, it has been 2 years since Luca died and it has taken this long to be able to face getting one without feeling like I am trying to replace him. (am I weird)?

We have been constantly checking with all of the rescues in England and have been unable to find one suitable? We have now started looking around Europe and have found a few places in Spain that rescue Goldies. It is early days but we hope that soon we will be “Goldie people” again. 🙂

Below is a picture of some Golden Retrievers that have just been saved from an illegal breeder in Spain, I have rarely seen Goldies that are so thin. 😦

Poor babies. :-(

Poor babies. 😦

If I was cynical, I would wait until just after Christmas then I could choose from all of the puppies that are likely to be dumped after the novelty has worn off! Please don’t give a puppy for Christmas unless you have done your research and you know what you are taking on, even then a rescued puppy would be better. As the Dogs trust says “A dog is for life not just for Christmas”



The rescue dog needing a home today is Curly, he is a Golden Retriever cross (looks part bearded collie to me)?

Curly is in Spain at the site is in Spanish.

curly 9




About Mick C Gorman

Slightly damaged old bloke who is plodding on with more than a little help from a great wife. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 grown up children. I did the usual thing and replaced children with dogs when the nest became empty, best thing I ever did (apart from getting married of course). Life has taken a few interesting turns so far but this Epilepsy thing beats the lot! I love lots of things but in the past have never really stuck with them long enough to be good at them, I am trying harder to be better at a few things rather than okay at loads of things. There is still plenty of time. :-D
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3 Responses to She’s off again.

  1. Hi Mick, Reading this is like connecting with a friend. Seems so straight from the hip, authentic, and that’s a nice breath of fresh air, if I may be so judgmental. So sorry you’re being hassled and not supported in the guardianship issue. It’s stressful enough. (My hubby does pro-bono legal in our local courthouse where I live and deals with a lot of these issues= sadly there are too many). About your beloved Luca: nothing weird about what you wrote at all and anyone whose had a long duration love affair and bonding with a special furry child understands this (I sure do). He holds a place in your heart and when the right new family member comes along your heart will speak to you. You’re on a heart’s journey for sure, just keep letting it be your guide, not any “should”- don’t like to “should” over anyone.Nice meeting an chatting with you. Paulette

  2. mickcgorman says:

    Thank you, Paulette.
    I can only write as me, I am not clever in real life so I don’t try on the blog. 🙂
    We have had more than a dozen foster dogs since Luca died but only Mack became permanent, he had the same ways as Luca so that is probably why he won my heart the way he did? When Mack died I even toyed with the idea of never getting another dog, thankfully I have come to my senses and have decided it is time to go the whole way and get a Goldie again (they are very special to me)
    Thanks for visiting.

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