One month on…


It has been one month since Mack died (where did the time go)?  in his honour I am going to feature some dogs from Black Retriever x.

Like Mack these dogs mostly come from Ireland where black dogs appear to be very unpopular? If these dogs turn out to be half as special as Mack, people are going to get wonderful dogs.

Contact details for Jemima at the end of the posting.


Dear all
Here are the dogs we currently have available for adoption… more info/pix often to be found on our Facebook page (link at bottom!)
Breed: working cocker (mostly…)
Size: medium
Age: 7 years
Location: Cheshire
Muffin is an almost-Cocker (dad working cocker, mum half cocker, half springer) who is looking for a new home because her family feels they are not meeting her needs.  She currently lives with another dog (her mum in fact) as mainly an outdoor-kennelled dog, and both dogs are currently often left for long hours (single mum who works). Muffin doesn’t cope very well with this – she would much prefer to be a house dog, and to have more human company during the day. She is a typical working spaniel – full of energy, full of love and into every patch of undergrowth, but with good walks she settles well and is a very loving girl.
Muffin is fully housetrained and great with people and other dogs. She loves children but can jump up so will be best in a home without very litre ones. She currently lives with cats that stand their ground – but she’d chase a more timid cat. We don’t know what she’s like with sheep, but she’s scared of cattle. She’s a bit of a food thief(including recently a whole loaf of bread) so you’ll have to police the kitchen worktops!
Muffin is fully vaccinated, spayed, wormed and flea-treated.
Breed: Maremma x teddy bear
Size: medium
Age: 9 years
Location: Headley, Hants
Apollo arrived with us from Italy earlier this year.  He is a calm, gentle, watchful guy who has spent all his life – until the past few weeks – kennelled in a terrible Italian shelter with no bedding, no heating and no outside run. He had never felt the grass under his feet. Despite this, Apollo has learned fast. He can now walk on a lead, takes treats and gets on well with other dogs (having been freed from his prison, he is enjoying a second puppyhood!)  He is in foster in Hampshire with Achille (see below). He is still wary of being stroked/touched and will spook at new things, but there are little breakthroughs every day.  He is looking for a home that can continue his rehab.. and would do best in a quiet country home where he can chill outside during the day and watch the world go by – with a nice dog or dogs that can help show him the ropes.
Apollo is fully-vaccinated, neutered, wormed and flea-treated. He is a long-haired dog but has recently been clipped right back to remove nine years of matting… When his coat grows he looks like a teddy-bear!
Apollo and Achille’s incredible story (see below) is featured in the July issue of Dogs Today Magazine and we’re hoping his adopting family will be happy to share updates with the world!
Breed: GSD x?
Size: medium
Age: 9 years
Location: Headley, Hampshire
Like Apollo above, we rescued Achille from a hell-hole in Italy where he had been imprisoned ever since he was 9 weeks old. He too has blossomed in the few weeks since he came out, and he is a lovely boy, although still with some learning to do about the big world out there. Achille with his impossible cute on-up-one-down ears, is curious, wary, bright and will do just about anything for a treat which has helped hugely with his rehab. He also gets on fantastically with other dogs – and really enjoys playing.  He will need another dog for guidance and to help introduce him to home-life. He would suit someone who is calm, patient and would really enjoy the challenge of continuing his rehabilitation into family life.
Achille is fully-vaccinated, neutered, wormed, flea-treated and has a current Pet Passport.   He is being fostered in Hampshire with Apollo.
Apollo and Achille’s amazing story is  featured in the July issue of Dogs Today magazine  and we’re hoping his adopting family will be happy to share updates with the world!
Breed: retriever x 
Size: medium/large
Age: 10 months
Location: Bampton, Oxfordshire
Jasper is a real star – a young and very handsome dog with a wise head on his shoulders, good with everything and everyone. We are looking for a home with an existing dog who is old enough to guide him and young enough to love playing with him.  You will also need to commit to his training – he’s a good, quite steady boy (other than a bit of random gardening) and he learns fast but as a youngster he would really benefit from formal classes. This would also help with his slight confidence-issue around over-bouncy or in-yer-face dogs, where his tendency is to bolt for home rather than come to you for support.
Other than this, though, he’s a fab lad who loves everyone, and so adores children that he would be ideal for a young family. He is house-trained, loves his crate (can’t wait to go in it!), lead-trained and good off-lead as long as there are no too-bouncy dogs around to spook him.
Jasper is fully vaccinated, wormed, chipped and Frontlined, but not yet mature enough to be neutered.
Breed: Gordon Setter/Labrador/collie x
Size: medium/large
Age: 6-7 months
Location: Sutton in Cravern, Yorkshire 
A fab pupster this one who landed in Dundalk Pound where he was just a few weeks old – wet, bedraggled and shaking; far too young to be in the pound. He chews a bit like all pups, but he is quite a gentle, calm, self-contained boy who is wonderful with other dogs (and loves to play).  He is in foster with Helen + family in Yorkshire, who have Gordon Setters.  He is more Labrador-like than Setter-like in temperament – Rory retrieves, shows no strong hunt instinct and is happy to potter close to you. He is housetrained/crate-trained and settles well for a few hours if left. We are looking for a home with another dog for Rory as he loves canine company – also one that can commit to bringing on a lovely, quite sensitive boy.
Rory is fully vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated but too young to be neutered.
MONTY (was George)
Breed: lab x
Size: medium/large
Age: 2-3 years (approx)
Location: Earl Shilton, Leics
Monty is a young lab x who had been kept tied up on a chain in Ireland, so still has some learning to do about the world. He gave us a a shock soon after he first arrived when he bit his foster mum. It was a bad bite so we had to consider carefully whether we persevered with him. To help us judge, we called in very experienced behaviourist Peter Mounsey, who has a lot of hands-on experience with aggressive dogs. After a week with Peter where Monty was put tested very thoroughly, Peter recommended that Monty was a lovely boy who could be rehomed safely, as long as it was the right home.  In fact, Monty is a very soft lad – the bite had happened because his foster mum had tried to groom him while he had a rawhide bone. For whatever reason, Monty is very uncomfortable when being groomed until he trusts you – we suspect because something bad has happened in the past.  Avoid this trigger, though, and he’s a real sweetheart and a bright and very biddable, undemanding and loyal boy.
Monty has now been in an experienced foster home in Leicestershire for close on a month and he is doing really well – mixing just fine with three other dogs (two female, one male) and being a very loving boy in the house.  As foster dad Roger says, the biggest danger with Monty comes from tripping over him – “he is always under your feet!”. They have seen no aggression at all.
We are looking for an experienced home for Monty with no children under 15. Although a very biddable, obedient boy, he is still quite strong on a lead – and will need a bit more work to absolutely nail his recall when off-lead. Behaviourist Peter will give ongoing support to his new home. He has also written a very thorough report – if you’d like to see it, please just ask.
Monty is fully vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated and will be neutered shortly.
Breed: spaniel/setter x 
Size: medium
Age: 1 year
Location: Chippenham, Wilts
Maisie is a very pretty setter x who was surrendered into Dundalk Pound (no reason given) – but we suspect it was due to someone having no time for her. She is super-sweet, but it’s clear she hasn’t had much training.  Having said that, she’s housetrained, loves people (all sizes) and is terrific with other dogs – loves, loves, loves to play and will cuddle-up with them, too.  Not great with cats – no ill intent, but will chase unless the cat really stands their ground. She’s pretty good on a lead but, off-lead, is *very* birdy (and will chase butterflies, too!).  The main work will be in nailing her recall. She runs like the wind and although she does come back, it’s in her own time, so is currently being exercised in a secure enclosure.  We are looking for an active home, with another dog, that can commit to her training.
Maisie is fully-vaccinated, wormed, de-flea’d, but not yet spayed (she is currently in season).
Breed: Llewellyn setter x Springer spaniel
Size: medium
Age: 2 years 4 months
Location: in Ireland – coming to us in next week or two.
Woody is a beautiful young and much-loved dog being surrendered because his owner suffers from crippling arthritis and he feels he cannot give Woody the exercise he needs.  He is quite strong on a lead but walks fine on a Halti and he is trained to the whistle although his owner Gerry admits that if he’s on a strong scent, his recall is not instant. He does likes to hunt (birds and rabbits) the only thing he’s ever caught is a pigeon, which he brought back completely unharmed. Woody has lived as an only dog and settles well on his own (and can be left). He loves other dogs and is keen to play. He currently sleeps in a kennel outside and is clean in his pen so we expect him to be housetrained. After a good walk, he is happy to chill out for the rest of the day. We are looking for a rural home for Woody who is fully vaccinated, wormed and Frontlined but not yet neutered.
Breed: flatcoat/collie x
Size: medium
Age: 6 years
Location: Monmouth

We rehomed Sophie to a fantastic rural home in Monmouth in 2008, then aged about 9 months. She is coming back to us because two weeks ago she got into the neighbouring field and brought down a lamb. Although she’s never done this before, she is clearly quite interested in sheep and as the home is surrounded by them, sadly this was the final straw. As much as they love her (and they really do) they have decided that rehoming her is the right option for both them and her. The alternative for Sophie would be life on a permanent tether – not fair. She is not totally obsessed with sheep – she can be walked through a field of them on a lead, and most of the time ignores. It’s just that if she gets out (and they have a huge garden which is impossible to turn into Fort Knox) she will chase.

Other than this, and an occasional tendency to bark at other dogs she meets if she’s on a lead (she’s totally fine off-lead) Sophie is pretty much perfect – a well-trained, biddable girl who will go off to chase rabbits but come back within a few minutes. She loves to retrieve balls, too.

Sophie is looking for a home with a secure garden where she doesn’t have sheep in close proximity and where she is kept on-lead if there is any chance of encountering sheep. We think she’d do really well with another dog as she likes them, but has lived on her own up to now. She would also enjoy doing some agility/obedience work as she is very responsible.
Sophie is spayed, fully-vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated.
Breed: working cocker
Size: small/medium
Location: Ireland – arriving with us shortly
Carla is a gorgeous-looking cocker spaniel who was surrendered into Dundalk pound – for reasons unknown. But we suspect it’s because she’s nipped someone.  Once this girlie knows you, she’s 100 per cent – you can do anything with her and she’s very loving. But if a stranger goes to grab her collar, she will snap.  You can see from the second pic how submissive Carla is  – this is a dog that lacks confidence with people; not one that wants to bite. She is looking, then, for a home without children (or only older ones) that won’t be spooked by her and can help build her confidence, while keeping her (and strangers!) safe. We anticipate that once she’s properly settled she’ll be just fine. She is great with other dogs, which is a huge plus, and will probably do best living with another dog. The second picture shows her clipped when she first came into rescue – the first pic is recent and shows her with her coat grown back.
Carla is spayed, fully-vaccinated. We are looking in the first instance for a foster home for this girlie so we can assess her further.
Breed: springer/collie x
Size: medium
Age: 1-2 years
Location: Marlborough, Wiltshire
Iggy is gorgeous – a young “sprollie” who has just arrived with us from Ireland. He is housetrained and settles brilliantly at home (housetrained + crate-trained) – and he’ll do anything for a squeaky toy.  He also travels well in the car and ignores cats he sees when out. Although Iggy is just fine off-lead with other dogs, he is currently a little anxious on-lead when he sees other dogs. It’s not a huge deal (he’s under 20kg so not a big/heavy dog to handle) and we’re confident it will settle, but we’re looking for a home with no or only older children that can help him with this if necessary.  He is looking for an active home, ideally with other dogs to help with his confidence.
Iggy currently has a touch of kennel cough, and he is not yet neutered, so it will be a couple of weeks before he can be rehomed. 
If any of the above dogs are interest, please get in touch!
Jemima Harrison
Black Retriever X Rescue
01672 811851

About Mick C Gorman

Slightly damaged old bloke who is plodding on with more than a little help from a great wife. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 grown up children. I did the usual thing and replaced children with dogs when the nest became empty, best thing I ever did (apart from getting married of course). Life has taken a few interesting turns so far but this Epilepsy thing beats the lot! I love lots of things but in the past have never really stuck with them long enough to be good at them, I am trying harder to be better at a few things rather than okay at loads of things. There is still plenty of time. :-D
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3 Responses to One month on…

  1. Billie says:

    If I would be allowed to own dogs by my landlord, I’d adopt a couple straight away. Not having one anymore hurts like hell, and only people who ever owned loving, funny and caring dogs will understand what I am saying.

    So sorry to hear of your MS Mick, and epilepsy on top of that. Rest well, eat well and ah sure… you know the rest. Us MSers often have to stick together, so feel free to post comments or read my blog anytime you want. I am definitely returning to yours as dogs are my life, and you write beautifully. Keep going and chin up… take care!

    • mickcgorman says:

      Thank you for visiting, Billie.
      I normally stay on top of the ms pretty well, it is just a little harder with my wife being away. It hasn’t killed me yet so I would say that I am winning. 😀

      • Billie says:

        Absolutely! It’s amazing how difficult simple tasks become when fatigue kicks in. I can yap for Ireland but when the fatigue sets in, I often just fall silent altogether because I need to preserve energy to walk up the staircase for example.

        I hope your wife returns soon so you can have some rest, being apart must be adding to the daily stresses of MS as well. Praying for you both!

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