So many woofers but I have so little space. :-)

Here is a rather fine collection of pooches that are needing homes, available from  BRX always have the most gorgeous dogs but I think that they have excelled with their Mack lookalike, Toby. 😀 and there is a pair of POOPIES!

As always contact Jemima, details at the bottom.

Dear all
Daisy, Jake, Sassy, Susie, Cosmo, Mungo, Munty, Murphy, Campbell, Sophie, Shadow and Lucy the lab have all now been rehomed,.. and apologies if I haven’t let you know you weren’t successful in your application for one of them (it has just been too busy to get back to everyone).
So now it’s time for another round-up of the dogs we currently have available,… either with us already or on their way to shortly.  Please let us know asap if any are of interest!
Breed: working cocker
Size: small
Age: 6 years
Muffin is a beautiful, purebred working Cocker girl who is looking for a new home because her current family feel they can’t give her what she needs. She currently lives with another dog (her mum, in fact) as mainly an outdoor-kenneled dog, but it is obvious she would be happier as a house dog – and also an only dog as she would prefer to have a family to herself (preferably with sofa and lap-rights, too). She is a typical working Cocker – full of energy, full of love and into every patch of undergrowth. She is great with people and other dogs. Not so great with cats. Muffin, who is fully vaccinated and spayed, is currently with her original family in Cheshire.
Breed: setter x
Size: medium
Age: 6 years


Are you sitting comfortably? Our Murt has a bit of a story to tell….
We were asked to take the beautiful Murt back in July after his Irish owner died – not, as it happens the saddest of events for Murt as the poor dog had been tied up outside for at least four years. He had a limp, but initially we put this down to a touch of arthritis from being out in all weathers.  However, after finally getting him out of Ireland and into a home where he quickly blossomed, there was what appeared to be bad news.. An x-ray revealed what the vet thought was evidence of bone cancer. He also had an enlarged prostate. All in all, the future looked a bit bleak for this gorgeous lad. But, to our delight, his foster parents offered to keep him and in exchange we promised to meet his veterinary care bills for whatever time he had left. We decided to leave him be as far as any big operation was concerned (the vet did say they could amputate the leg), but we did have him castrated as that had a chance of helping with his enlarged prostate.
So for the last few months he has been with Mary and John in Derbyshire where he has proved a delight.. and, against the odds, he has improved; certainly showing no sign at all of being at death’s door. So the vet now believes the limp and what he saw on the x-ray is actually due to an old injury – and that the limp is mechanical rather than due to pain as pain relief makes no difference to it. He is on a small dose of rimadyl (the cost of which we cover), but he doesn’t show any sign at all of being in pain.  Even better, his prostate is now completely normal.
Sadly, though, Mary and John are splitting up so we now need to find a new home for Murt. Although we don’t think he has cancer, we are happy to commit to pay his vet bills (over and above the routine ones) for the rest of his life. He is a lovely, playful and affectionate dog… recall not brilliant off-lead, but on-lead he is great. He is also fully-housetrained, settles brilliantly in the house and is good with other dogs, other than one rather strange habit which is that if pups/small dogs fly up to him he, er, picks them up. There is no aggression in this, he doesn’t hurt them and he puts them down when asked… but obviously it’s something a new home needs
to be aware of.
Breed: setter x
Size: medium
Age: 18 months


This beautiful lad was terrified in the pound – huddled in a corner the whole time. When we got him out, it turned out that he had wounds to both a front and back leg – perhaps because he’d been clipped by a car or possibly attacked by another dog. He is now fully recovered and growing in confidence every day, although whatever happened to Buster has left him a boy who rattles quite easily in new/unexpected circumstances and he is still a little nervous around traffic and strange dogs, although getting on just fine with the two dogs he’s sharing with in his foster home in Wootton Basset, Wilts. He is an incredibly loving boy – easy to have around in the house – who will be a lovely companion for a family looking for a quiet and gentle dog. We are looking for a rural home for Buster, ideally with another dog (but would consider him as an only dog in the right home).
Breed: Labrador
Size: medium
Age: 2 years



A stunning purebred Lab girl who was surrendered into Dundalk Pound in Ireland, we think by foreign nationals.. She was SO terrified there that she was in danger of being put to sleep, but she transformed completely once she came out of the pound. She is now in foster in with us in Wiltshire – a sweet, obedient girl, excellent with people, other dogs and cats. She is housetrained, settles well at home and is great off-lead. Her one flaw is that she barks when she wants attention – particularly when she’s hungry or wants a walk. It’s not a huge deal, but it can be a bit irritating and so she needs a home that can work on this. (Telling her off doesn’t work so the answer is to totally ignore it – slowly working, but it will take some time). We would prefer to home her to a family with another dog as she really loves to play! – but would be very happy to consider a genuinely active home where there is lots going on. She is not suitable for a family with young children as she is snatchy with treats (no malice in her at all, but she’s caught my fingers a couple of times!)
Breed: lab x
Size: medium/large

Age: 4 years

There are some dogs that break your heart, and this boy is one of them… so perfect except for a couple of glitches – quite big glitches but they can only be there because of something bad that happened in his past.
The first is that he is a barky both in the car and in a house that has passers-by. We’ve cured the in-car barking with an in-car covered crate but not managed to cure the barking at outside noises in his foster home that fronts on to a fairly busy road.
The second issue is that Buster he is anxious around some people when on a lead, and it manifests in him barking and lunging. He is also particularly bad at the vets where he has to be muzzled – undoubtedly due to a bad previous experience.
He has never bitten anyone (and we don’t think he would) and as he’s settled in his foster home, he is vastly improved. But when it does happen he can do a good impression of a scary dog – alarming if you do not have experience of this behaviour.  There is no ill-intent in what Buster does – he reacts because he feels threatened because of some ghost from the past, and as soon as he realises there isn’t a threat, he is fine. What he does is also very predictable, so easy to anticipate/avoid.
So those are the not-so-good bits – but in every other respect, Buster is a wonderful dog… he loves his walks, is good off-lead and he has been fantastic with all other dogs he has met outdoors or visiting friends.
He is looking for a rural home and somewhere where he doesn’t have to cope with loads of strange people passing by the house. (Although off-lead he’s just fine, on-lead he gets anxious around people he doesn’t know and of course in busier areas he would have to be on a lead more often). We have also discovered that he is much more relaxed with another dog in the house. And he is also looking for a home that would do more formal training with him for he’s super-bright.  We think he’d love this as he is extremely eager to please.
He has previously shared his home with a cat and a house rabbit. He is OK with cattle but has chased sheep.
Buster is aspecial dog looking for someone who believes in him that can give him the time and patience he needs. You so get the sense with him that he’s desperate to let go of his past… just doesn’t quite know how to.
Buster is currently in Pewsey in Wiltshire. He is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, wormed and flea-treated.
Breed: retriever/collie x
Size: medium

Age: 4 years

Toby’s owner died three years ago and, along with his mother Lucy (rehomed) and sister Flossie (below), he was dumped on a farm where he was criminally neglected. When they were handed into rescue they were all in a terrible state – caked in excrement and bone-thin. Toby is now in foster in Wootton Bassett and after a month of good food, socialisation and TLC, he has blossomed into a lovely, gentle and very beautiful boy who absolutely loves his walks – and his cuddles. Toby is looking for a home with another nice dog for company as other dogs undoubtedly give him confidence and he is just beginning to learn how to play!
Breed: retriever/collie x
Size: medium

Age: 4 years


Flossie is Toby’s sister and she landed in rescue in even worse condition – 11kg (when she should be twice that), riddled with worms and so thin that her hip bones were sticking out of her flesh. Despite having had so little, when she was carried into the pound she showered the volunteer with kisses.  A month on, she is now in foster with us here in Wiltshire and she is coming on a treat – no longer bone thin, house-trained as long as you are vigilant and learning a lot from the other dogs here; a little braver every day.  She is also loving her walks on the Plain where she scoots off to explore but soon comes looking for you. Flossie is the sweetest girl… who pleads with her huge eyes to come up on your lap… and once there clings to you for dear life. She has a way to go yet mentally and physically. Her coat is still in poor condition and we need to see what can be done with a rear foot which has one missing toe and another damaged one which has left her with a limp. But when she’s ready she is going to make the most wonderful dog. Flossie is in season at the moment and will be spayed in three months’ time.
Breed: English Setter
Size: medium

Age: 10 months approx


Although Debbie looks like she may have some spaniel in her in some pix, we think she is all-setter.. and she’s adorable – a very pretty youngster who is still quite puppyish. She is being a very good girl at her foster home in Hitchin in Herts – she’s walking well on-lead, is lovely with other dogs and fine with cats that stand their ground.  She has a strong working instinct and we have not yet let her off lead as we are pretty sure she will be off! Her new home, then, will need to be rural and be able to commit to some pretty intensive recall training.  We feel she would also do best with another dog.
Breed: Retriever x
Size: medium

Age: 2-3 years

A lovely boy who fell very ill in the pound but has now made a full recovery. He is a a little shy, very affectionate and gets on well with other dogs. A bit snatchy with food, but very delicately removed the hula-hoops from the fingers of his Irish foster mum’s daughter the other day! When he is pleased to see you (which is often…!) he gives a huge smile… a little alarming the first time he does it!  Jet arrives with us shortly and we’re looking for a foster home to continue his assessment.
Breed: labrador x
Size: medium/large

Age: 1 year

Not a great pic, but Riley really is a fab young labrador x boy – a quite big, enthusiastic youngster who is housetrained, loves to play, is super with other dogs and is pretty good on and off-lead. He is also fine with cats that stand their ground. Riley needs some training but is a biddable lad and has all the makings of a fun family dog for an active family. Ideally, he is looking for a home with another dog – or at least the opportunity for lots of contact/socialisation with other dogs. He is being fostered in Shipston-on-Stour in Warwickshire.
Breed: labradors
Size: (will be) medium

Age: 12 weeks

bo and dolly
Bo and Dolly were unsold pups who were taken into rescue from their owner who was driving round the area trying to give them away… They’re lovely – well socialised pupsters who are already asking to go out into the garden to toilet and will be a fun, lively addition to any family.  NB: we almost always rehome pups to families that already have a dog and we are looking for homes with the time and patience to devote to their training/socialisation at this important time in their lives.  Bo and Dolly are being fostered in Allesley nr Coventry.
Breed: Retriever x
Size: medium/large

Age: 6 years

Poor Paddy has not been having much fun in recent months… being left for long hours and not walked enough, due to work commitments of the couple who own him who are now splitting up. As a result, he is pretty overweight and a bit stressed when we met him last week, but he’s going to be a gorgeous boy once he’s lost weight and gained lots of walks! He pulls a bit on the lead, but is otherwise perfect – housetrained, great with people and other dogs, fine to be left for short periods and fantastic off-lead. He is neutered and his vaccinations are up to date. A wonderful companion for someone who will enjoy the “makeover”! Paddy is currently in Yate, nr Bristol. Obviously, it would be great to get him straight into this forever home, but we’d also be interested in hearing from foster homes that could take him for a few weeks to help get some weight off him and help with his lead-walking.
Breed: Retriever x setter
Size: medium/large

Age: 2 years

Tex landed in Offaly pound in Ireland and was handed over to a local rescue with a leg injury, possibly because he had been hit by a car. Fortunately, nothing was broken and he is now fully recovered.  He is fantastic… not just beautiful, but very affectionate, great with other dogs (his best friend is currently a little jack russell he loves to play with).  He is neTex arrives with us shortly and we are looking for a foster.
Breed: Retriever/collie x
Size: medium/large

Age: 1 year

A real stunner this boy – and divine, too. He is housetrained, has a fab temperament, loves people, other dogs and the sofa… pulls a *bit” on the lead but is great off-lead (comes to the whistle, even when there are distractions) and is OK with a cat that stands its ground. He is currently in foster in Warboys in Cambridgeshire – a home that has decided not to keep him as they feel he needs a younger companion than their older other dog.
Breed: Labrador
Size: medium/large

Age: 2 years

The perfect dog for those who like their labradors chunky… Baxter is a very sweet, very affectionate boy who hasn’t put a paw wrong since he arrived with us just over a week ago – other than a bit of counter-surfing for any food that’s been left out and that he’ll sneak up on the sofa if you let him.  He is housetrained (goes to the door to ask to be let out); he’s super with children (although perhaps a bit big for very little ones); he walks perfectly on a lead and is great off lead, too. He loves his walks and is as active as you’d expect a youngster to be but once walked he settles perfectly in the house and can be left with no fuss for short periods.  We think he’d be just fine as an only dog as long as there are people around most of the day.  Baxter is being fostered in High Wycombe.
Please let me know if any appeal!
Jemima Harrison
Black Retriever X Rescue
01672 811851

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Slightly damaged old bloke who is plodding on with more than a little help from a great wife. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 grown up children. I did the usual thing and replaced children with dogs when the nest became empty, best thing I ever did (apart from getting married of course). Life has taken a few interesting turns so far but this Epilepsy thing beats the lot! I love lots of things but in the past have never really stuck with them long enough to be good at them, I am trying harder to be better at a few things rather than okay at loads of things. There is still plenty of time. :-D
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  1. Echo says:

    Honestly, Mick, I’d happily take any of them if i could afford to.. though the setters have my heart straight away.

  2. mickcgorman says:

    They are a bit adorable. 🙂

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