Christmas and dogs.

I have arranged to go to Love Underdogs on December 29th to collect Buddah, we are very excited as it has been a while since we fostered an oldie. If we hadn’t arranged to have Buddah I could have been tempted by Chip, Chip looks a lot like our Border Collie, Indy. But…. Love underdogs have just published a picture of Chip that shows him in a whole new light, unusual, wacky, unique or just plain scary? you decide. :-D

Wacky Chip


Chip is available for adoption, details can be found on his Love Underdogs listing, here.


Love Underdogs have also published this invitation to people looking for something to do over Christmas.

Anyone wishing to walk dogs over Christmas, here are kennel times:

CHRISTMAS EVE open till 1pm

Normal hours otherwise are:
Monday to Saturday 9am till 3pm
Sunday 9am till 12pm

Glebe Farm Kennels
Birchley Heath Road
Birchley Heath
CV10 0QY
Tel: 01827 712 812

First timers, bring a picture ID with you.
Thank you



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A whole load of nothing!

What an uneventful time I have had of late. Almost all of the chaos with contractors is done so we are now counting down to Buddha coming after Christmas. :-)

We took a few hours out from Christmas preparations to go and see my brother and his old band play a 30 year reunion gig for charity. They started out in the late 70s as Coast to coast and had 2 number 1 records and after quite a few changes they ended up as The Go daddies. They had a special member of the band just for one night, Joe Pasquale (sorry none UK people you will have to google him) Joe played washboard and kazoo and was very funny at times. We had a great time and a lot of money was raised for 2 local hospices.

Here are some pictures, my brother is the guitarist on the right and in the individual picture.

Bob go daddies Sandy and Joe

In other news; Love Underdogs is closed for adoptions until the new year, this is in line with a lot of rescues to avoid their dogs being given for Christmas. People can still visit the kennels and reserve dogs and of course all the staff are still working very hard with the dogs.

Out for a walk today were (from left to right) Harry, Asta, Cognac, Hazel, Chip and Ruby. (Chip the Collie looks a lot like my Indy. :-) )

pack of pooches

And at the vets were Cotton, Elliot and Hemmingway.

Cotton Elliot



All dogs are lovely but Hemmingway the Chow is super gorgeous. Hopefully a new home is on the horizon for all of them in the new year.

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Our next foster dog.

We have never before had a prearranged foster dog, we have always taken one to the kennels to be adopted and then took who needed fostering. Last night Love Underdogs posted on their Facebook page about Buddha, in the comments I said “if they decide that Buddha will be my next foster I wouldn’t be too upset” (we love oldies). At the same time it would appear that one of the staff at Love Underdogs was hoping that Buddha could have some home comforts soon so she contacted me and it is now arranged. :-)


I would have gone and got him today but we are still being tortured by contractors doing things to the house and will be for a couple more weeks! So we have settled on getting him after Christmas. I can’t wait as I have liked the look and sound of him since he was first mentioned by Love Underdogs.


Buddha reminds me a lot of Willy Underdog who we fostered about 2 years ago, a big, friendly and gentle older gentleman. The only problem that can arise is if someone adopts him before we get our hands on him. ;-)  His listing can be found by clicking either picture or the Love underdogs link and browsing “our dogs”

Here is a picture of the gorgeous (and still going strong at 15) Willy Underdog.




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My brother.

My brother Derek died 2 years ago today, it’s going to be a difficult day. The early days after Derek’s death passed in a blur and the months that followed were filled with other episodes which kept my brain busy so I didn’t sit and think. I expected the grief to ease as time went on but it is actually getting worse, the last couple of months have been the worst of all. I think the problem is that Derek loved Christmas, he would start shopping for people a few months ahead and was like a child getting excited as Christmas got closer, not because he was getting presents but because he was giving them. He was one of life’s givers. I haven’t yet opened the gift he bought me the week he died, I was planning on doing so last year but I just couldn’t do it, maybe this year?

It feels strange to now be older than he will ever be, he was 18 months older than me and when we were kids would always say that I could do or have certain things when I was as old as him knowing I never would be, if only that were so!

I still think about my bro every day and miss him terribly I just hope that in time the happy memories replace the sad and empty feeling of now.




Asta has been at Love Underdogs for a year now and is looking for a home of her own, she is a beautiful fun loving dog who just needs a family.



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Doctors Orders.

Almost exactly 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, the first thing my neurologist said to me after my diagnosis was don’t climb ladders and stay away from open water. I thought the open water thing would be the toughest as I love fishing, I figured out ways to fish safely by either staying strapped in my mobility scooter or sitting far back from the water and using long handled landing nets etc. Ladders? that’s not an issue, I never climb ladders! until yesterday, I got an automated call from the property maintenance company saying they are coming this afternoon, I thought it was for re doing the insulation in the attic. In a blind panic because of the stuff up there I decided to gets the stuff out myself. To be entirely honest I didn’t use a ladder, I used an office chair to get a foot in the airing cupboard and from there stepped up into the attic, it all went very well and I managed to get things around the hatch for lowering down and then it all went blank and the next thing I knew I was laying on the floor 10 feet below the hatch with every inch of my body hurting! Today I am very sore and stiff but I appear to have escaped any serious damage. The worst part of all this is that Julia, who is away at the moment, phoned and found out that they are not doing the insulation until the 20th. All that pain was for nothing.

Lesson learned, I would say. :-)


On a lighter note, Annie has settled in her new home and Hamish has stopped looking for her all the time.

This is the last picture I took of Annie on the day that she left.

And this is the first picture of Annie in her new home.

Job done, I would say. :-)



Today the Love Underdog looking for a home is 2 year old Luke.

Luke has his own Facebook page or you can read about him and learn how to adopt him on Love Underdogs website,

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The world has lost a good one.

Last night a great man died.

Herman S Davenport (Jack) was my Father in law and he was a great man.

Jack served in the US air force for 20 years but it was not this that made him great, Jack was just an honest, hard working, loyal and loving man who would do anything for anyone. One of the greatest things that Jack did was be the father to my wonderful wife, Julia.

The latter years of Jack’s life were blighted by Alzheimer’s disease but even through that he knew who his daughter was and always smiled when she talked to him about his Grand children, Michael and Elizabeth.

Jack was callously exploited, robbed, neglected and abused by his Pastor who he had taken to be a friend of 30 + years, the result of this was Julia and her cousins spent so much time going through papers and appearing in courts they were robbed of some precious time with Jack. I hope you are proud of yourself “Dr” William G Stephen of Avon Indiana?

I will always remember the good things about Jack and use the example of his life to make me a better man.

Dad,s new-look glasses

Herman S Davenport.

December 6 1930 – October 29 2014

Rest now, Grandpa.

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Annie’s special day.

Yesterday Annie had a fun day at the park, she ran and played, rolled in dirt and had a great time.


We allowed Annie to get mucky and stinky because we knew what was coming next… A bath!


She wasn’t overly thrilled to have had a bath although Hamish looks somewhat smug. :-)

This morning Annie had forgiven us and she was ready for her special day, she posed perfectly with her foster brothers for a family picture.


That was her last picture at home before we went to Love Underdogs for the day. What Annie didn’t know is that she was going to meet a potential adopter. We arrived on time and Annie set off for a walk in the forest with Bernadette a her dogs after which they spent some time together in the paddock. It all went so well this is the only picture we can now get of “Annie’s chair” :-(

empty chair

It has been a delight having Annie in our family for 3 months, she went from being the most timid dog that I have ever met to being ready for a home of her own. Annie and I never became friends as I had hoped but we got along well enough for her to trust me, that will do for me. :-)

We are taking a 2 or 3 week break from fostering as we have several trades people coming in the next few weeks to do repairs on the house, after that we will start all over again with another lovely Love Underdog.



The Love Underdog needing a home today is Malcolm, he is 4 years old and completely scrummy. If you are interested in Malcolm or any other Love Underdog follow the link for more information on how to adopt.

I am also adding Renata, I met Renata today at Love Underdogs and she is absolutely gorgeous. She has had a very difficult life but is now fit and well and looking for a lovely home of her own.

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Before and after Romania.

I got some pictures today of when Annie was rescued in Romania. :-(


IMG_1528IMG_1531IMG_1530The women in the pictures are her rescuers, I don’t know the Romanian lady but the photographer on the left is Anna Hauser of Hauser bears and Love Underdogs.

As much as her rescuers loved Annie, they have so many dogs to care for they couldn’t possibly have the time needed to rehabilitate all of them without volunteers, both in the UK and Romania. We foster so we can help in the process of moving dogs like Annie from the streets to a home.

Annie now…

Enjoying her nightly dried tripe.

Even sulking after her tripe has ended she still looks oddly contented. :-D

And a few of my previously posted favourites…

autumnal annie

Annie pretty in chair

Annie nice face

Hamish loves his sister

We don’t have magic powers or special training skills, all we have is love, patience and time (plus our secret weapons, Indy and Hamish. :-D) It has taken 3 months so far but Annie is genuinely relaxed at home and on her walks, she rarely startles and is happy to be near people just so long as they don’t acknowledge her. When her forever home comes along she will be equipped to cope with the change and will soon love her very own pet people. :-)

If you are able to help a rescue dog in any way at all, I would say “just do it” it is very rewarding. Donations, volunteering at kennels, dog walking, fostering or adopting, all are needed the world over. If you are in England, don’t overlook Love Underdogs, they are great. :-)

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Autumnal woofers.

I think I preferred Summer but the woofers definitely enjoy Autumn. The wind appears to be a favourite with Annie and Hamish if their mad running is anything to go by, Indy only enjoys the wind if it makes his toy go further when I throw it.

A few days ago we spent a couple of hours walking the trails at Irchester Country Park, they really enjoyed that. :-)

autumnal annie

Annie is definitely getting fluffy but it may be a bit late in the year to cut her hair now.

Hamish and Ju

Julia enjoys Autumn in the woods as much as the Hamish does.

Indy autumn

This is as close as Indy got to my phone camera during our water break, he isn’t keen on having his picture taken.

For everyone heading into the woods this Autumn, keep this one thing in mind….




Telo Underdog has been waiting a long time for a home, can you give him one?

Visit his Facebook page here.

Or his Love Underdogs listing here.

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A day at a Love Underdogs show.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny warm day, just perfect for going to a dog show. What a stroke of luck that Love Underdogs just happened to have their Autumn fun dog show/reunion then. :-)

The journey was uneventful right up until we were 5 minutes from the kennels when Hamish decided to be sick all over the floor of the car (the cause of his sickness was that he decided to strip and eat the coating from a Kong dumbell)!

We arrived and took the pooches for a walk around the fields where Annie and Hamish had their first encounters with horses and donkeys, that went well. We then circled the crowd of people and dogs milling around the stalls and show ring, that went well, we felt brave enough to stop and talk with some of the Love Underdogs staff and that went well. :-) No scatty episodes from Annie and Hamish was fairly calm, we stopped for coffee, went to sit on a chair and as Julia moved her chair, Annie went scatty. That was the only episode from Annie all day, she was a star.

We decided to enter each of them in one category of the show. Hamish was bound to win his category, the waggiest tail, Hamish clears the coffee table every time he enters a room so it’s in the bag? slightly optimistic there! Hamish saw a child within ten feet of him so he sat like a statue looking the other way and didn’t give even one tiny wag. :-D

Indy was entered in the best trick category even though we had no idea what trick he was going to do? Julia made something up as he entered the ring which was just something he does when we are playing with him in order to test his brain, Julia threw his treat bag 20 feet or so away and got him to wait at her side she then sent him for it but on the way back got him to drop it and return to her with a couple of sits and downs along the way, he then waited at her feet before she told him to find it!! he was brilliant, he came first. :-) I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Indy prize winner

Annie surpassed all expectations. She was in the best Love Underdog category. We expected that fear would get the better of her so Julia took up a position just a couple of feet from me and the boys just in case she wanted to leave the ring in a hurry. Not only did she parade around the ring with 20 or more dogs and owners, she sat within a few feet of a young lad and his dog and even let the judge stroke her nose. :-)  We were very proud of her,  her new brave persona has carried on into today, she has been very relaxed and even “pestered” me to fuss her this morning. A real winner in my eyes.

Annie Show stopper

I have to give credit to the photographer in this next picture, Anna Hauser is the founder of Hauser bears and Love Underdogs, two very worthy charities.

Me and my boys watching Annie in the ring.

Mick Indy and Hamish at the show

We had a lovely day at the show, we were all exhausted by the end of it but only the dogs got to sleep in a pile right at the back of the car in the breeze from 4 windows and an open sunroof. :-)

Pile of pooches

No individual dog for rehoming again this week, I will however point readers in the direction of Love Underdogs again. I witnessed at the end of the show a paddock full of puppies, a new bunch just arrived this week so there are now about 20 gorgeous young puppies of all shapes and sizes looking for a home.

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